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I love working on my blog www.thinkdeepmedia.com a site about self help and new age media for over 2 years. It's been a great ride...very settling. I have always been accused of being too deep (even though I love humor)so I felt compelled to create it.
When I changed servers my database was lost so I am in the process of putting it all back, so the blog is offline.

Outside of that I love songwriting, singing, and composing electronic music.
My first music only album "billed and a bottle of wine" is free on My Space www.myspace.com/theembroglio

I work for a charity whose focus is to combat our high suicide rate by education in schools. I am part of a team that develops websites to help parents and young people with numerous issues. More than one person between the ages of 12 to 25 committs suicide in New Zealand every day.

I have contact with my Guides at various times and can sense spirit on a good day. I came to Buddhism through pop culture figure Dr Tuesday Lobsang Rampa and had some OOBEs. I love the writings of The Dalai Lama.

I am a friend of the Western Buddhist Order. I marvel at The Iching (the Chinese book of changes), Zen Tarot cards and dreams. I have enjoyed recently seeing the late Robert Monroe author of "Journeys out of the body" on You Tube.
My faviourite New Age internet radio show can be found at www.EldonTaylor.com

James Goi Jnr was the first person at Spiritual Networks to add me as a friend, I am now researching his specialist subject of Attract Money using Mind Power through the Internet radio archives he posts here. His message is deeply compelling. Bob Proctor in his work councils the newbie to only pay attention to positive maninfesting material, Goi Jnr provides this from 30 years of study. Look him up here in our community.

My faviorite Women spiritualist writers are Allison Dubois, Jeanette Wilson, Lisa Williams and Muriel Renard.
I can't help but think that these women personify The Doors song "break on through".

The comedy I like is the more ridiculious the better, I grew up listening to radio shows The Goon Show featuring Spike Milligan, and Hancocks Half Hour featuring Tony Hancock and Steptoe and Son. I loved Sykes, Dick Emery The Young Ones and Blackadder. Basically I like character creation and skits. Back then the writer was the rock star, imagination & humour was the thing to develop. My Grandfather always encouraged my sense of humour.

Its very interesting now questioning assumptions on reality through studying self help and medium books one realises what people like Spike were getting at.

From 1988 to 1999 I was in major three alternitive band formations and a few smaller projects in the land of my mind of scarcity before cellphones and the world wide web and had incredibly dark and lonely times which lead to an ongoing interest in Mental and Sprirtual Health and a great love of The Iching the Chinese book of changes. The oracle in 1994 and a book "You Forever" by Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa accompanied by a soundtrack of the Beatles and their solo work moved me back towards to love of the individual as I realised as a child. And an awareness of mysticism.

The Law of Attraction now features in my life. It has taken me many years to realise what Rampa talks about and what Napoleon Hill talks about as the spirutal planes and my Guides have echoed. Anything can happen, one life is short, learn to love, try and improve things before you go to the next like what Jim Henson said.

I did my years of Classic rock and was a Rocker, turned to Goth and went to Punk and then Alternitive, I had a spell as a Hipi as after all all we need is love love is all we need. I have spent many years loyal to New Zealand Music and still do as us kiwis use to flinch of our Pop Culture in cartoon , comedy, film, theatre and music.

My plan called Channel Z was to promote The Arts by recording it all on video tape to be distributed to video shops prior to the explosion of the internet. Someone in my business group gave away my plan, for a time a commerical radio station here used the brand name.
I would see my stolen logo on the backs of buses. I thought if this idea was good enough to be stolen what about the rest?

Now I believe each of us are our own universe, we need to help each other, luckily we have guides to help us. I like the humble way of the Buddha and the universal laws to attract wealth to help others.

For the last 4 years I gave up watching TV (except for The 6pm news...I worked in TV briefly so I know mainpulation) and movies and concentrated on reading books and listening to Talk radio.
An old friend keeps me up to date as his hobby is International Poltics and what he feels is the future:
survival watching You Tube. A good garden and a store of food and supplies is essential.

I think we need to rebel by acts of kindness fight the coldness. Afterall we are pouted by fear everyday.
We need to address the fact that happiness is a state of mind, and find that state.
The Secret, What the bleep do we know, Unlocking The Secret.
Equality. That no matter how hard a person pretends they are, there is always an essence behind it... that still needs love and respect in good and bad days. When someone chooses to be a friend straight away with great openness. My boss said once: we allow our friends to know us and they allow us too.
Thinking, Art, Music, Writing, Excercise sleep and food.
Family, friends, making new friends and finding new family.
Spiritual intimacy, talking from the heart. I like being disagreed with I always learn so much being corrected. Afterall it could be a scary thing when everyone agreed with you. I would tell them they are wrong and they would agree.

www.Litmatch.co.nz the new domain name and hosting company I am a Director in is proving to be exciting.
We sell .coms .nets .orgs .co.uks and heaps more and sell space for your website or blog. We can build you a web site as well with a shopping cart if you need one.
The New Zealand dollar is very low against the green back british pound and euro so we are getting more international customers as we progress. Our servers are based in the USA.
Lack of consideration for others, demonising of people through the media. Assumptions of superiority or inferiority. Assumption hardens to fact. Tall poppy syndrome ie. cutting people down to size. Automatic summation of the way a person is by image or rumour. Intellectual snobbery that is to say contempt for anyone who in whatever state they are in (calm or disturbed) who can't accuratly express their happiness, saddness or anger. I like to listen because I believe it passes through me to the greater beyond where it is taken seriously or with mirth. Stubborn hatred. War: small or large.

After writing this I have realised that you might find me inconsiderate at not communicating to you after we have signed up as friends, if you leave me a message I will get back to you, if you do not send me a message I will assume you are networking with everyone else here and that we will talk later.
my local gym, my english pub, my local cosmopolitan club, parties.
Reading New Age and Self Development books.
Creating electronic music, making melodies and lyrics, Singing.
Fishing for tunes and music and sound the recording process.
Keeping an ear out for a good song or songwriter.
Talk radio and www.eldontaylor.com

Looking after my cat Jimmy and my tropical fish.
Appreciating my family past and present and friends ditto.