Judy Hevenly, Psychic

Lives in Los Angeles, United States Born on February 1, 1958 · Female
Michael S
Hello Judy and thank you so much for the gift of your friendship Wish you a magical beautiful day with love
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Thank you for the gift of your friendship
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Blessings always
Thank you Ginger, blessing to you too <3
<3 & :sun: back atcha! ~SEA~ :clap:
Rolinda in Arizona
Thank you a beautiful picture.
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Majid Etemad
Great to connect.
There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. (Louis L'Amour)
Brigitte Otto
Hi Judy, thank you for being my friend!
Kristen Herrington
thank you for the honor of your friendship! namaste, Kristen
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Such a beautiful picture, thanks for been my friend too.
Hello Judy, thanks for the friend request! Have a great weekend!
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marri yanada
:thinking: thank you
Thank you for commenting.
Jaana from Finland
Last nights attacs in Paris surely made me think LePen has strong hold now
Luv ~ 11:11
Hmmm? I'm wondering which world leader will pass away unexpectedly this year? :thinking:
Thanks for your comments.
Graham Stewart
Judy, Blessings to you, Thank you for the connection. Namaste.
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Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is Patience.Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Mr. Happy
Greetings and welcome to SN :)
Thank you Mr. Happy warm Wishes. Judy.
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