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Vinod Verma
War is not any solutions for peace at all. We can see the anciant history of world wide which will prove that wars created the much difference among all human beings. Only Love is the true solutions... But I think.. People accept this in only words... Not their ACTIONS... Because some out of many un...View More
War is usually a battle for domination, to push someone's beliefs and values onto a mass of people. History has shown over and over that this simply does not work. Peace is practicing tolerance, granting everyone their belief and customs and being truly interested in learning from one another.
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That which hurt is or was never a true love. True love is something. https://goo.gl/G8aU18
True. Hurt is conditional so therefore it cannot love, it can only exist within itself.
Vinod Verma
To walk on golden path of love alllll the momente <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 where i must meet with my beloved God!!!
Stacey Sarakinis
Amazing that as I am processing this thing that I believed to be "true love"...I find synchronicity in the questions.
I have only ever been HURT (wounded or injured) by those that profess great love for me....
As for me, my "true love" walked out the door...no reason...no explaining...just walked. I c...View More
love is Appreciation and Reverence is one of the deepest levels of Appreciation, which is normally encountered when one meets a person whos love is Unconditional. Love is the primal manifestation of the uncaused limitless living light I AM you are.
:music: <3 :sun::rainbow:
Peter contemplative
The paradox of grief. There will be pain if we love another - the absence of the object of our love. Is it better to never experience love just to avoid some pain that will come. What is pain?
Love, what is love. My ego so loves to love, to hold and cherish and be held as if it was God's love for me ...View More
Sonny Thomas
Love for me is the connection we share with others that connect us back to the source of oneness...
Cynthia Petro
The Creator's love is perfect. Unconditional. Human love... most likely is meeting each other's needs.
What kind of love do I want???
I want soul mate love. A spirit-energy connection. I want passion - mind, emotion, body. I want inspired, crazy, belief in the impossible, I want fu...View More
John Halderman
The expression of Oneness :))
Love is the highest vibration, sharing joy and light of existence.
Cynthia Petro
Stacey Sarakinis. I love your clear, gut level honesty. I love the truths you described. Am I correct in "recognizing" a narcissist in the description of your ex? Until we change our subconscious programming (etched into us from ages 0-7 by our caretakers) we will vibrationally keep attracting those...View More
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Vinod Verma
Oh yes... Fearing in love is really fantastic experiences because i could be able to feel that i am alive due to increase my heart beatings :beatingheart:
Janette Giffin
I don't fear love at all. As a matter of fact I think love is amazing in every possible way, and the universe can not survive without it. Love comes in so many different forms though. I no longer care so much about the romantic kind of love, as it can be very fleeting if it is not based in authentic...View More
Jaana from Finland
I fear a bit...people falling for me.I don't want that hassle.
But spiritual love...bring it on!
Joya Sarkar
Without detachment love tends to degenerate into co-dependency. This is when we 'become' the flaws and negative traits we see in our partners. This is not Love, this is neediness. It means we are full of want and woe, rather than full of Bliss, Power, Knowledge, Creativity etc.
Mr. Happy
I just don't care for it. I care about Respect, Honesty, Compassion, Understanding ... things of that nature. Love does nothing for me :)
Joya Sarkar
You mean you care about the Higher Love, Real Love rather than the sentimental human love. Me too. We tend to become entangled in bondage with the lower love if we have not attained Emptiness, ie freedom from the ego. IT creates addictions, cravings, obsessions etc.
Mr. Happy
[x=184959]Joya Sarkar[/x] ;)
Stacey Sarakinis
did you know: love is a weakened sense of LIKE? Nothing to fear, but perhaps something to understand. Love in the etymology of the word is not exactly a very productive word. To weaken means to make feeble.
Feeble:dissimilated from Latin flebilis "lamentable," literally "that is to be wept over,".
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