Vinod Verma

Lives in India Born on May 28, 1959 · Male
Vinod Verma

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Vinod Verma
Husband lost his WifeMan: I lost my wife.Inspector: What is her height?Man: I never noticed.Inspector: Slim or healthy?Man: Not slim, can be healthyInspector: Colour of the eyes?Man: Never noticedInsp...View More
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he didn't Lose her.... She packed her bags and Left :karate::hehe:
Vinod Verma
Haha haha packed :present: and flying at sky :butterfly::elephant:
Vinod Verma
And left to her mother to tell where you sent me in a so funny home :omg:
marri yanada
Sounds like it to me also [x=172296]Sarayai[/x] :yes: