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Lives in India Born on May 28, 1959 · Male
Vinod Verma

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Vinod Verma
Morning is the time to move with the flowThings will be easy if you knowWhere is your way and where you want to goSip that hot cup of teaAnd many pleasant things you shall seeAs it's another new day!W...View More
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awww Beautiful Poem....<3<3<3 Good Morning.<3<3<3
Maria Isabel Merino Jimenez
happy day sweet Vinod and Sarayai <3<3<3 much love :blowkiss:
Vinod Verma
Wowww :detective::scooter: Thanks you much muchy a lot:lol:[x=172296]Sarayai[/x] & [x=137786]Maria Isabel Merino Jimenez[/x] :cheer: have you enjoyed with chaiiii :coffee: Veryyyy good....
Vinod Verma
Yes))))) have a very delightful morning you all like अाेस की बुंद :rainbow:
Spiritual Networks
Dr. [x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x] is in the house!:haha:
Good morning [x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x]! :grouphug: :coffee: :rainbow:
Sonny Thomas
Good morning Vinod, I hope your day was spent with the ones that warm and fill your heart.., namaste
Vinod Verma
:hehe: Dr Vinod just entered at home.. Kindly come In :rose:[x=1]Spiritual Networks[/x] on :hammock:
Vinod Verma
Thank you so so much :rose:[x=176166]A M[/x] & @Sonny Thomas... Have a beautiful morning you :cheer: