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Sophia Elise

Lives in Houston, Texas United States · Born on February 23, 1961
Sophia Elise
The Great
Hi Sophia thank you for friend read your bio, I'm impressed, you must be busy the love situation is always going on, its great you can help people with that, wonderful, i may be in deed of your servic...
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Sophia Elise
Nice to meet you!!! yes i can be busy! lol.. I will check out your site in a short while.
  • June 1, 2013
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Sophia Elise
The OMTimes and GAIAM TV 30-Day Conscious Living Challenge starts today! where will you be 30 days from now? I will be helping people improve their the Relationship Expert for the ne...
Sophia Elise
Love triangles - well they can suck. They seem to be fun but the in the end, someone always gets hurt! Tomorrow on Empower Enlighten Envision your Life Sarah and Sophia will discuss love triangles. Al...
Tirzalishezz RainbowAngel
Hi Sophia,

thank you so much for your friendship.

Many blessings and much & !

Sophia Elise
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