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Quality! I have been lucky in my life to have found wonderful, loyal friends. <3
A few true friends :)
Michael Silz
I have about ten friends they are all of a quality and diversity that I am comfortable with.
Now that may seem contrary to the hundred or so friends here but as I probably won't be meeting any of you any time soon I see no reason to remove any of you from said list!
I know this about me ... if I d...View More
josephine Mary Riediger
A handful of trusted cherished friends is worth gold. But we can be a friend of all mankind by practicing tolerance,charity & love of life & all it,s blessings..namaste
Juan M. Cerda
Can Count Whom I Consider Real Friends On Half A Hand :: As POC Sez :: People Of True Character Are Rare :: Happy To Know POC :: As He Indeed Is Exceptional :: As Life Has Transformed :: I Now Only Need To Watch :: For "I AM" Divinely Sent Who Is To Be In My Life :: Definitely A Tremendous Experienc...View More
José Carlos
We don't choose our friends consciously. At some point, we know somebody is closer to us without making any choice.
Senthil Kumar
Variety matters too... as much as quality. But the count doesn't matter.
Sanativo Elf
All men have the animal intinct in them lol..quality all the way :-) all good things come in small parcels<3
hammock buddha
I need no company. as with everything i choose quality over quantity. i like hanging around children the most. humans at their best so far. I am never alone even when you only see me by myself, i do not feel alone. i have friends accross dimensions with real relationships. sun is a very good friend,...View More
Carolynn McCully
I enjoy my own company, I soar with my " quality" type friends especially those who are on a similar spiritual journey and I very much enjoy the interaction with quantity friends from various connections. Knowing we are one in spirit helps so looking for the best, knowing it abides in those who cr...View More
Vinod Verma
Tuija Hyytiäinen
I like being alone (as a single mother not always possible) thinking and wondering things by myself.
I like walking alone in the wood saying hellos to beautiful old trees.
Sometimes I think I would we happy living alone in a small cottage in the woods. I'm a bit hermit inside.
Maybe someday after I ...View More
Magical Realms
well it depends if your a business man looking for publicity through the quantity or if your just in need of quality friends to fill in more fun times :)