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Graham Stewart
Jaana from Finland
Graham Stewart
Jaana from Finland
Jaana from Finland
Sorry Ted...seems like Graham and I had 'after-creating-feelboost' :hehe:
Graham Stewart
Sooooooorrrryy Ted.. :angel: <3
Ted Hale
Jaana and Graham- It is wonderful these words inspired you to write beautiful poems, post happy energetic songs, and use those lovable emojis. You both brightened my day!!!! I try to stay out of the poll at first to allow pure inspiration but maybe I need to join the party sooner!!! :music: :ban...View More
Jaana from Finland
Ted Hale
Cindy-That place of dusk and dawn does have that magic to it. :sorcerer: I remember being at the beach and watching the sunrise and sunset on the same day. :sun: It is that place of renewal as well and I would live there too if I could as well.
Btw-You, Ryu, and me are the Ferocious Three Leaf C...View More
Graham Stewart
[x=190184]Ted Hale[/x] Wooo Hooo Thank you. Rock on :punk: I am glad you enjoyed the poem, and thank you for the inspiration. :grouphug:
Ted Hale
:punk: :natio: :rockon: :dance: :taz:
Ted Hale
A poem about dusk and eclipse will be written in the next day or two. :happy:
Ted Hale
The Two Demons :taz: :taz:
The two demons appear after dawn and dusk.
Each seeks revenge. This day and this night
weep even with the Moon and the Sun shining.
The two demons chase. They portend change.
Fear, mystery, fear, unknown.
Then the attack: the sky darkens
as the Moon and the Sun die.
The two demo...View More
someone to share it with for the FIRST time, sunset, storm clouds, twilight and starry sky silence. 'You really had to be there' a spoken after thought me will never forget. :moon:
Cynthia Petro
OMGosh Cindy. I totally LOVE your poem.
"Between dusk and dawn is where I dwell
The place I go when i'm asleep
It is where peace is peace and love is love"
Cynthia Petro
Woah. Graham I love your poem, especially these lines of the last verse:
"To walk in the light
I must also bring along my shadow
Stepping out of the greyness of time
Adding more dimension to this life"
Cynthia Petro
NIGHT is my spiritual place of appreciation.
Cynthia Petro 12-31-14
The best place to look for you
Is among night shadows
You cannot hide
Beneath moonlit skies
Nor dance unseen under
The plethora of stars
God has flung across
Heaven's black
You turn your face
Toward the moon
It's c...View More
Graham Stewart
Cynthia, thank you so much for your comments. I am glad you liked the poem.
Yes, to bring more light into ones life, we must also embrace the shadows. One follows the other, the yin and yang. One can stay in the greyness and not move forward in their self development. However, once you open Pan...View More
Ted Hale
Cythnia-Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem. There is a definite feeling of cold described in many lovely images and then the twist is that the cold warms the heart as the flower does. :brrr: :moon: :sunflower: :wub: <3
Graham Stewart
Wow Cynthia, how descriptive and colourful. I say colourful, although the starkness of the night and moon light suggests very black and white. Like the stars themselves,, twinkle twinkle, colour. <3