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That which hurt is or was never a true love. True love is something.
True. Hurt is conditional so therefore it cannot love, it can only exist within itself.
Vinod Verma
To walk on golden path of love alllll the momente <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 where i must meet with my beloved God!!!
Stacey Sarakinis
Amazing that as I am processing this thing that I believed to be "true love"...I find synchronicity in the questions.
I have only ever been HURT (wounded or injured) by those that profess great love for me....
As for me, my "true love" walked out the explaining...just walked. I c...View More
love is Appreciation and Reverence is one of the deepest levels of Appreciation, which is normally encountered when one meets a person whos love is Unconditional. Love is the primal manifestation of the uncaused limitless living light I AM you are.
:music: <3 :sun::rainbow:
Peter contemplative
The paradox of grief. There will be pain if we love another - the absence of the object of our love. Is it better to never experience love just to avoid some pain that will come. What is pain?
Love, what is love. My ego so loves to love, to hold and cherish and be held as if it was God's love for me ...View More
Sonny Thomas
Love for me is the connection we share with others that connect us back to the source of oneness...
Cynthia Petro
The Creator's love is perfect. Unconditional. Human love... most likely is meeting each other's needs.
What kind of love do I want???
I want soul mate love. A spirit-energy connection. I want passion - mind, emotion, body. I want inspired, crazy, belief in the impossible, I want fu...View More
John Halderman
The expression of Oneness :))
Love is the highest vibration, sharing joy and light of existence.
Cynthia Petro
Stacey Sarakinis. I love your clear, gut level honesty. I love the truths you described. Am I correct in "recognizing" a narcissist in the description of your ex? Until we change our subconscious programming (etched into us from ages 0-7 by our caretakers) we will vibrationally keep attracting those...View More