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Passer by
It's been 8 hours and the poll yet to see the first post ! Speaks for itself :)
The response in a nutshell : the devil you know is better than the one you don't :10900:
p catchpole
Does anyone ever really know anyone without time and experience being their roadmap?
Vinod Verma
Hii friends.. Did you understand the means of my this poll? Which i wish to ask...!!?
Spiritual Networks
[x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x] if every man had a beautiful wife like you the world would be a better place! :rainbow:
Vinod Verma
My means to say that what is the differences to Marry with Unknown girl reffering by parants and relatives and other side, Marry with very known girl from living with her from many years!!?
Vinod Verma
:hehe: ohh what a so beautiful hearty talks... <3 [x=1]Spiritual Networks[/x]
There was a TV program last year called Married at First Sight. It was an Australian reality television series based on the Danish program with the same name. Couples are matched by three experts, who agree to marry when they first meet. However, unlike other versions of the show around the world, ...View More
Majid Etemad
People I interact in spiritual communities are very selective in choosing a partner. They do not settle for anything because they are fine being by themselves. So a pre-arrange marriage would be a long shot.
I guess it always depends on the two people in question. Personally, I could not imagine a pre-arranged marriage but who knows, maybe it is the perfect match for you, better than choosing yourself? If you believe in destiny, either way it's meant to be.
Jaana from Finland
Depends.Both might work, or not.
Stacey Sarakinis
After much consideration and numerous tries, I've concluded my very nature is untamable and therefore I am not suitable marriage material beyond the "spiritual" sense of the word. Lord knows I've tried and I've given it the best I had...and when you realize that your best isn't good enough...well I...View More
Love ignites through blossoming in beauty when it is free
Vinod Verma
Ohh so nice comments [x=190593]Primal[/x] oh yes you came here alone :question: didnt [x=172296]Sarayai[/x] came with you here..
Lol ...no! [x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x] ..you tagged me here! :happy:
Marriage of the Souls is what is important regardless of length of linear time of knowing someone .everyone will be drawn to the experience that serves them , nether wrong or right! That's my two penneth into the mix ! And I will
Neve...View More
Vinod Verma
Wah so clear vision you have [x=172296]Sarayai[/x] in any human beings related as well as spiritulism of love :happy:
Im so glad to see you here on this poll whereas you dont mean to you at all as i already know.. Im just calling you.. only for your secred presence :rainbow:
Love you dearly my friend..:grouphug: