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We create everything in this sequence: Desire-Intention-Thought-Action. The trick is to know what you want, then intend to create it, think or figure out how, then take the actions required to make it so.
If you have a desire with no intention, then it's just wishful thinking. You need to be decisiv...View More
Know within your heart, that it will happen. Imagine it to the point of expectancy. Be clear about what your desire is. Be patient and be pro-active. Write it down and look at it each day. <3 <3 <3
Vinod Verma
Jaana from Finland
Living it.
Wasyl Kolesnikov
To live life full of passion and gratitude.
Wasyl Kolesnikov
Ps, to know that you are also part of the Infinite Source.
Knowing that anything is possible, one step at the time!
marri yanada
"If you believe it you will see it" Wayne Dyer
All things are possible
[x=176365]Passer by[/x] thank you for your answer <3 right on! [x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x] thank you for your question, you read many minds brother :winking: I believe this was the quote I recently read somewhere: "with persistence the impossible becomes possible, the possible becomes likely and the l...View More
Vinod Verma
Yes :winking: [x=176166]A M[/x] sssss I have to build myself a more powerful by knowing all secrets from you alll as :elephant::elephant:::elephant:
[x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x] we are all here to learn mostly from eachother :grouphug: like how I learn from this poll :happy:
Passer by
@A.M :gentleman:
It's quoted here ,maybe as written - by an unknown poet ..how spiritual ..to inspire a host of generations and not to seek recognition ! :rose:
This one has inspired me to slog on :snail: since I was maybe 17 /18 and mates and sparring partner :hehe: with the creator of this poll ...View More
Vinod Verma
:haha: great ))) you're my bossom :rose:[x=176365]Passer by[/x] :gentleman::highfive::grouphug:
Vinod Verma
Wooooo ))))):dig: you have also learned from this poll !![x=176166]A M[/x] :question: Wooooo:hehe:
[x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x] surprised ha?! Well, I think I have learned but let's wait and see if I will use any of my learnings :winking: :giggle:
[x=176365]Passer by[/x] keep the inspiration coming my friend! ... Quotes are specially my favorite! I always have loved the minimalism in them :grouphug:
Kill two letters in that word
Graham Stewart
Is Impossible not really I'm possible?
David Rogers
Believe and except...nothing is impossible