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Vinod Verma
Firstly I wish to share No Body has right to kill to any body because Non Violance is Supreme true Virtue of all Religions .
Further in case of safety of innocent human beings there is no any sin to kill the unfair people called many dengerous words and name . As I think Karmas have keep itself a ver...View More
Alan Paul
there has to be a better alternative. One leads to war - and so does the other.
Stacey Sarakinis
Maybe those calling them "terrorists" should take a good hard look at what is causing this, they call themselves SUPER POWERS and they terrorize the whole world...but when one man stands up or breaks because of the tyranny, they call him a terrorist. Funny the way we play with words isn't it?
I'm ...View More
Vinod Verma
If anybody wants to be SUPERPOWERFUL these means he/she want to show some negative impacts over innocents who are only true beings and are working so hard for the betterment themselves and their lovely family & friends . Why they should be fearful to them !!? Are they slaves or children of beloved G...View More
As in the game of chess, most pawns will fall before a KING, QUEEN or BISHOP will ever be in jeopardy. And so is the game of WAR where it is not wood or ivory that falls but REAL flesh and blood of the young and innocent. This is yet ANOTHER area on my journey that is most difficult to revisit or fo...View More
Passer by
Any act that saves innocent lives is just and right .
Having said that,it reminds me of an incident a few years back during the London bomb-blasts and the immediate aftermath of high alert ,an innocent immigrant who had overstayed and was trying to get away from uniformed officers' presence was shot...View More
Alan Paul
I wonder if it would have made any difference if we had forgiven Osama bin Laden instead?
While I would feel very guilty and sorry doing so but I will do whatever is necessary to protect myself, my family, my home. If saving the lives of innocents is involved then yes it is necessary to elminate the threat.
Venetia Buxton
The police don't do anything until after a crime is committed, or during when intent is obvious...they don't put up a stop sign until a pedestrian is killed at a known hazardous crosswalk...you don't take medicine until after you get sick... hmm, I can't help think that the answer is yes and no, de...View More
People think they can stamp out terrorism through violence but violence will only breed more of the same. I agree that we have to protect ourselves but I'm afraid terrorism is not about individuals. It is a world wide movement.
Mankind itself has no solution for it
In every man there is a sense of better judgment
in you and in me ... we all have our opinion
and we follow it ... and is not a problem in how we live
the difference is that you and I CAN listen and accept
to each other's opinion
but there are also groups of people wh...View More
Majid Etemad
If we want strictly answer this question without further analysis, then I would go by what Lord Krishna told to Arjuna. We can defend ourselves while internally feeling forgiving towards offender.
John J. Petrovic
Majid, the Bhagavad Gita is a very profound writing.
No harm no foul.
David Rogers
Does taking out a so called terrorist not make you one as well? Me personally I think most or the terrorists wear suits and ties
Majid Etemad
@david, I like your response. you are talking about real terrorists. John is talking about desperate terrorists.