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Luv ~ 11:11
Hmm, I smile in silence. :)
Vinod Verma
Hmmm ...when I go into my silence ..my heart <3 smiles sweet ..feel peace ..pour love ...spreads light. Radiates happiness everywhere:rainbow::music:::beatingheart: towards whole universe
Stacey Sarakinis
My experience exactly Vinod <3 It is in the silence that I truly see, hear, feel, taste and am touched and my <3 smiles so big that sometimes tears run down my checks because in all of LIFE there is nothing more real, nothing more beautiful and nothing more TRUE than that LOVE I find there.
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Vinod Verma
Yes )))<3 Dear nice friend :rose: @Stacey Sarakins feel you are so sensitive beings ...i respect you :sunflower:
Thanks so much you for sharing your feelings :butterfly:
Sunshine and rain :)
Passer by
None whatsoever.Both happen because of a certain confidence..
As some smile in silence and some silence others with their smile :grouphug: