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hi Majid...
so it is more the percentage of body fat, that part of looks, that you are fishing for...
not sure lack of pressure is what we need, but it sure does need to be applied in a different way...
we are trained/schooled to eat in ways that are created thru the lobbing efforts of the big food con...View More
Jaana from Finland
Also...women can live from outside 'pressures' too and ignore a man with extra pounds...especially the young ones.
Stacey Sarakinis
SMASH THE PATRIARCHY. Break it and break away from it...would be the one greatest thing that any MAN could ever do for women and the world. Read up on the Divine Feminine and what it is all about. The core "problem" in the world is "spiritual" imbalance.
Fix that and everything else falls in to pla...View More
Some time ago, I happened to see a male friend and a classmate of mine from 20 years ago. Back then, I was younger and very fit. Naturally, we had both aged. While like most people I always thought I looked better when I was younger, he expressed how he thought I am now looking better after aging an...View More
Majid Etemad
[x=176166]A M[/x] great point.
Back in Middle school/Highschool I had a poor self image. All the popular girls were the size 0's. I was the natural hourglass with the larger chest and hips. Guys never talked to me outside of being friends so naturally in those years I figured I wasn't that pretty. As I got older I of course grew ...View More
linda baker
Good one Ryu honour your Goddess woman self your mind, your spirit, your body, your qualities, your confidence, your self worth, and all the things that make us feel good and feel proud that we are who we are within and without.:)
[x=186999]linda baker[/x] :grouphug:
BigPicture Questions
Your body is just the “car” your soul drives around to get experience here on planet Earth. Let’s not confuse the “real you” with the “car” you drive. ;)
Passer by
@ BPQ :blowkiss:
Majid Etemad
[x=124463]BigPicture Questions[/x] On a practical level that is not where everyone is on their journey. My daughter has no understanding of body is a form. Our high level spiritual approach to the problems in the society will not help us to reach out to our loved ones at their level. Part of the lov...View More
Passer by
@Majid Bro..appreciate what you said,I can relate to that.
Yet only if people,including youngsters are encouraged to pause and think what powers the body,as much as what powers their cellphone ..it can lead to all possibilities :grouphug:
Majid Etemad
[x=176365]Passer by[/x] how long did it take us to get where we are. by gentle approach, she and her friends evolve to the point that ask me to text them inspirational quotes on a daily basis. But, I would never send them my ACIM famous quote of "Nothing real can be threatened and nothings unreal ex...View More
Passer by
@Majid Bro ..I can see where you're coming from. To be a bit more specific - was the poll question caused by an anxious parent's concerns or something else.
By the way,you've already accomplished quite a bit. Everything happens in the fullness of time,isn't it:grouphug:
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@ Majidbhai..I can see your point and where you coming from.
May I please ask,is the poll question caused by the parental concerns or something else?
By the way,you've already accomplished quite a bit:gentleman: and as we all know,everything happens in the fullness of time:grouphug:
BigPicture Questions
[x=176853]Majid Etemad[/x] I can relate to what you're saying about your teenager daughter, because we went through the same thing, too. Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks we have in life.
Just know that we all go through stages of growing up (based on ego needs) and wa...View More
"My daughter has no understanding of body"...
is that no understanding or no acceptance, i would agree with her, in that to just say the body is totally of no importance is not going to be acceptable...
body is part of who we are and within that part/experience of who we are, it is healthy/wholesome t...View More
Vinod Verma
Yes ...In truly fact there are a lot pressure on faminine from the ancient times ..where some less and much more as injustice ways !!! Thanks so much my brother[x=176853]Majid Etemad[/x] for making Nice poll :rose:
Yes Its a very thinkable issue for not only me but all of us specilly all Men who unde...View More
Venetia Buxton
Only women can effect a change with learning to love their own self image...<3
man or woman .... what is the difference ?
first of all , love yourself,
with all your good and bad qualities
Then you will see that other people
love you too
Find the company of people who respect you
because they belong in your life
The people who can not...Be kind to them
and let them go
finding yoursel...View More