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Luv ~ 11:11
At this present moment my answer will be this ~
The most fascinating essence of living the Spiritual life is being able to live life with more peace within and being Awake to life itself and enjoying every moment that life has to offer. The good and the bad. <3
Passer by
Bhaj Govindam :music:
Passer by
In my humble opinion,spirituality is about attaining our ultimate nature eventually ,our true self.
Gyan Yoga ( knowledge) can let one know about the process. Kriya Yoga ( asanas and the occult sciences) can engage one in the process. But Bhakti Yoga (devotion) teaches us how and who to surrender t...View More
linda baker
Knowing my True Purpose had found me through spirituality and understanding all of my life experiences has been leading me to that moment of knowing who I really am and what I am here for.
Vinod Verma
Haha wowww so fantastic your wonderful views :rose:[x=87134]Luv ~ 11:11[/x] [x=176365]Passer by[/x] @linda baker :sunflower: Bhaj govindam )))):)
linda baker
Thankyou kindly xx
The most fascinating essence of the spiritual life for me is waking up out of the collective dream and realising that the process of awakening is happening simultaneously to each and every one of us who are destined to be awakened. :rainbow:
Stacey Sarakinis
That once you start "living" it...Its simply LIFE and it is ALL Spiritual. <3
Alan Paul
closing my eyes and letting go.
Sonny Thomas
Love is not a feeling, it is in fact the essence of our true being..
Vinod Verma
So nice answer :sunflower: @Sonny Thomas so simple natural like the rivers flowing to ocean ...sunbeam spreading to universe :rainbow: