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Vinod Verma
Hey Maa Shreem Brazee Vaishno)))))):beatingheart::rose::rose::rose::music:
Vinod Verma
:rainbow::bananas::rainbow: so nice so amazing so wondetful ))))[x=172296]Sarayai[/x] :angel:
Vinod Verma
:beatingheart: ....... ..:detective: This Hill is of more than 6080 feets and takes time up to last journey walkings up to the top about 3 to 5 hours But we went there by Halipad up to 6080 fts in 5 minutes only and rest 2.5 km walked below 5775 feets through various curly curly routes at Mother V...View More
wow you flew up that's so fabulous.....
.but where oh where IS the Temple.....:detective::question:
Vinod Verma
At Jammu on Trikut Mountain , India :happy: with fullest greenery beautiful secred zone where lakhs lakhs people come from every parts of india and abroad every year . Every time you could see through your twinkle twinkle eyes to them shouting Jaiiiii Mata De with great faiths and beliefs :rose:God ...View More
Lol you are sooooo adorable:grouphug: you did tell me
Where the temple was...<3 I meant where is a photo I can see
Clearly?? :giggle: [x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x]
Vinod Verma
Ohh ic )))) where you can see the photo clearly :question:
Okay now understood ...please open google and write ....vaishno devi temple in india
I do hope you will know everything about this :sunflower:
Jaiiii Mata De :rainbow:[x=172296]Sarayai[/x]
Ahh ok :happy: I though you may have had some photos! <3 :sunflower:
Vinod Verma
Yes yes ...:sun:@Sarayaiii having so much photos too but but :question: kept in my Almirah ..take the key :rainbow: and see alll to visit my home :barn:
:grouphug: ahhh I will meet you at home.. great.. will make you some chai for your return..lol..
Vinod Verma
Haha haha so wonderful we talk always :hehe:
Yes welcome always whenever you wish for ...:rainbow:glad to see you :rose:[x=172296]Sarayai[/x]
And saying in advance you that my smallest pat daughter won't you be idle but always chaker chaker talkings without breaking full stopage .:goat:
:hehe: :goat: she sounds Lovely <3
Vinod Verma
Haha she goes to sit on my head always and put down slowly slowly
Lol !!