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February 8, 2017
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Luv ~ 11:11
Good Morning! :blowkiss:
Vinod Verma
:sunflower:yes Yes happy happy Goodmorning my friend [x=87134]Luv ~ 11:11[/x]
Wait! This is so Valentinish!...is it Valentine yet? I am lost in time, days and years :music: :sunflower: ...kidding! I am still living in this boring Earth-time :winking: Have a blissful day [x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x]
Vinod Verma
Ahha so wonderful to hear your inner soul voice about your true perceptions of Earth Life livings :sunflower: Nice)))
Actually this post is reflected to spread of love peace and lights to the universe and no actually Valentine ways.. Till date im not famillier with this Fastive which is going on abr...View More
Vinod Verma
This festive
Alright [x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x] my friend! you and your wife are quite charming couple :happy: Valentine's is a special day for couples like you two :rainbow: good thing is, now that I mentioned, you still have some time left to plan your celebration of having her beautiful soul by you...So, I am ...View More
Vinod Verma
Actually ;hehe: haha so beautiful your queries about Valentine according to my side :question:
Yes I love the word ' Valentine ' as i think i celebrate this on her Birthday Marriage anniversary Karwa chowth ( the festive event here) specially and also rest of years somthings In vivid style and moo...View More
Vinod Verma
वैलंटाइन डे मनाओ...
मगर अपना तरीका बदलकर. . .
*ツ किसी रोते हुये बच्चे को चॉकलेट दे कर तो देखो*ߍ˯߼ߒ
*գÄ किसी अनाथ बच्चे को टेडी दे कर तो देखो*ߐۯ߼ߒ
*գÄ सारे दिन काम करती माँ के हाथो को चूम करतो देखो*ߘد߼ߒ
*գÄ जिसको पैदा होते ही फेँक दिया उस मासूम सी बच्ची को Hug कर तो देखो*ߙưߏۯ߼ߒ
*գÄ उस बच्चे को Rose दे ...View More