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January 15, 2016
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Vinod Verma
:butterfly: The symbol of SUN here...
:sunflower: ((( :sun: ))) :sunflower:
7 horses means 7 colours rays)))
Abundance healings waves :rainbow: coming to you instantly as soon as you click to like this powerful radiant waves :rainbow:
Vinod Verma
:pickme: zzzzzzzzz let run fastttttt))) mistakebly emojis spreaded more... Oh :barn:
Ah hope you're feeling better today my friend. :sun: :happy: :rainbow: :music:
Vinod Verma
Yes))) much better so pleasant <3 :sunflower: Thanks you so much [x=181826]pebbles[/x] <3
:cheer: yaaaay ah glad to hear that my friend. You're welcome. ❤️✨✨ :music: :walkman:
Vinod Verma
Ohh yes yes.. So nice of you :happy: what are you singing . By head phone?? :music: well.. Be joyful in your music :)
Oh I'm not singing :ohno: even I don't want to hear that! :haha: ah thank you. Hope you are joyful too! :music:
Vinod Verma
:question: then why you have put head phone? Is it connected to any satellite to Mars? :hehe:[x=181826]pebbles[/x]
[x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x] Thankyou for your infinite radiance and Healing image So beautiful and uplifting...:grouphug::sunflower::sun::sunflower:
Vinod Verma
:hehe::question: आप मेरे profile मेँ इस तरह घुसते है कि जैसे आप अपने घर में घुसते है... यह बहुत ही अच्छी बात है :goat:
Yes that's because of infinite radiance I love this image always. No one knows when we require hearings I look at a glance then feel all inner energies up to date like :bananas:
Vinod Verma
Thank you so much my awesome friend cum Guru cum :question:Earth :angel:[x=172296]Sarayai[/x] :goat:
hahaha....I LOVE how you resurrect a thread months later....:cocktail::cheer::balloons::bananas:[x=44161]Vinod Verma[/x]
Vinod Verma
Haha haha)))) :gottarun: boom)))boom)))) :::cheer::bananas::cheer: when Guru come.. Cheerful on my ways :boat: