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March 23, 2012
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I believe that in the spirit of synchronicity it was meant for our paths to cross. I as student, you as teacher. I enjoy reading your words of wisdom. I don't often open up to strangers but there is a feeling of familiarity that comes over me whil
Elaine Rioux-Hoiland
I have been blessed by those who seek me out, I share my wisdom gladly, it is a gift for in sharing I make room within to receive even more wisdom from all of Great Spirits teachers of Universal Knowledge. So thank you dear one we are truly blessed in our journey as Spirits in Human Form......Love, ...View More
Elaine Rioux-Hoiland
Hello Terri, how are you my friend.
I am hoping that your able to move through all of the shifts that are occurring as of late.
I have been busy with many websites, navigating through keeping myself in the changing vibrations.
If you wish you can find me on facebook, same name always, you may even find...View More