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How To Develop Your Psychic Skills
Most interesting and fascinating course. This Psychic and Spiritual Development Course will guide you along to enable you to understand more about how to communicate with your guides, how to meditate, learn how to use a pendulum and understanding and practice of Psychometry. With plenty of exercises and tips throughout to help you this course also works well with tarot and palmistry.
Wherever it has been possible Luna Holistics has incorporated pictures and diagrams to assist you fully with this subject. You will also have access to the student library where you will find further helpful advice and videos.
Some of the things you will learn in this course are:-
A deeper understanding of your own spirituality
Learn about mediumship and how it works and if you can develop this
How to communicate with the animal kingdom and the benefits
The use of crystals for communication with spirit
The full chakra and aura system
Understanding of the Human and Animal Auric field and how to tune into this
The use and directions of how to use a pendulum for yes and no answers
How to connect with your authentic spirit guide
Learn how you can channel and more about how mediums work and Trance Mediumship
Learn about psychometry and how to do it
Tips when reading for clients
Learn how to channel
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