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A powerful spiritual and transformational tool for initiating deep and profound change within our lives.
After my Kundalini experiences back in 2009 I begain to have urges to draw mandala like images. It became clear that I as channeling multidimensional energy and transcribing it on a 2 dimensional canvas. I could read what the geometry, colors and shapes were telling me, as well as feel and sense how the symbolic information encoded within was having a healing effect on my energies.
Mandalas have been traditionally used as powerful meditational tools in some parts of the world. Guru's, or other "enlightened" people would create these images by letting it flow from there unconscious mind without conscious effort to control how it looks. In doing so they would encode the image with symbolic information that was designed to create a certain effect for those that chose to gaze upon it.
As an Indigo I an inspired to get this spiritual work out to who needs it most, whether you are looking to bring the energies of the age of Aquarius firmly anchored into your life, looking to strengthen your connection to your lifes purpose, or simply seeking more joy in your life I can help you with that by providing or personally designing your own Soul Visage Mandala.
This powerful and unique process has changed lives in some very fundamental ways and I would love to share it with all of you. To learn more and see some examples and testimonials go to http://sacredvisage.blogspot.com/.
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