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An interesting discussion about the relationship of light to consciousness by Peter Russell.
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Ted Hale
John-Since I believe there is a black hole in the center of this universe this video makes me consider how light is influenced by it in terms of time and space and how light would behave if it was outside the influence of the black hole (black hole could be light in solid form) in terms of time and ...View More
Spiritual Networks
John J. Petrovic take a look at this video size on desktop or tablet. HUGE PHOTO/VIDEO views with a 2 column site. For some this is super cool while others have trouble adjusting. What are your thoughts my friend? :)
wow, interesting, love the description of what is light, that light is an action that happens within an space, or is it an event that happens as the contrast of two realities pass thru each other and experience entanglement, matter/energy reality passing thru anti-matter/anti-energy reality and all ...View More
wow, add this John, thought the name sounded familiar, still have it, The Brain Book by Peter Russell, my note says i finished reading it July 20, 1980...
John J. Petrovic
Big J, I like the larger video size because it allows a better viewing of the video.