Mireya Alvarez

Lives in Eloy, Arizona United States Born on January 7, 1983 · Female
Mireya Alvarez
Mireya Alvarez
Wild&Free like the wind..
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Mr. Happy
Awesome! :)
evelyn burns
:beatingheart: and yes truly awesome
Barb Peterson
Mireya Alvarez
My 2 Year old daughter that always reminds mentor live in the present moment...I love her so much!
Barb Peterson
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Mireya Alvarez
Polishing my soul is hard...when no one else is in the same mission in my surroundings
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Mireya Alvarez
shared a song from her album "Yuna".
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Cynthia Petro
Beautiful voice; Powerful and joy producing. My heart experienced a wonderful release. Thank you for sharing your talent and love.
evelyn burns
Michael S
Beautiful <3
Barb Peterson
Each re-listen of this most powerful tune, "polishes my soul" yet again!!! Whoaaaaaso so love your special voice and your songs gifted words! namaste dear Mireya XXXX
Thank you for the gift of your friendship.
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Mireya Alvarez
Ah...your welcome
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