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Ted Hale
Judgement is something that has definitely gone way overboard. Part of it is in overthinking that tends to come with judgement. One thinks the two can be kept in balance but they seem to always fuel each other. As far as using it to see if we can love someone from far away it is more like that it...View More
Spiritual Networks
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Mr. Happy
We can't get away from judgement. We judge every day, countless things. We judge what clothes to wear in the morning, we judge what we will do that day, who we meet, who we spend our time with, etc.
So, in my opinion it is not a question of to judge, or not to judge but a question of to judge and ho...View More
John Underwood
As someone said once, when we judge others we also judge ourselves. What we need is less judgement and more compassion.
BigPicture Questions
"When we judge others, we do not define them, we define ourselves." - Earl Nightingale
While we are pointing a finger at anyone, there are at least three pointing back at s!
Sara Hawthorne
When we judge another we lessen ourselves. Each of us carries the weight of their own judgement of themselves which is enough to bear. When its an act of violence ...only then perhaps
Interesting. I have been taken aback my the amount of spiritual people that I have encountered along the way that were so judgmental of others. It's confusing to me as how you can be so spiritual and then look at another in judgement. If we are all just walking each other home, who are we to judge a...View More
Stacey Sarakinis
I think so. As Mr Happy points out, we judge daily. That we've limited the word to have only one meaning is sad. The whole point of being nonjudgmental is to avoid at all costs becoming a hypocrite. It's the guy standing up at the podium declaring homosexuality as a abomination and then the same man...View More
I agree with mister happy. Very well said 🌸