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beaver, i like to build structures/models that builds and allows to grow into oneness the flow of awareness that becomes the now...
Ted Hale
The bear would be the obvious one considering my name and community. Still, bears represent the dream world and I tend to not find much peace in my dreams lately. I think dogs are more spiritually relatable to me. They tend to lift my spirit. :0)
Graham Stewart
most recently I have been seeing the eye of a young elephant. In the past I have been shown the eye of a whale..
Barb Peterson
Hmmm well for me it is a toss up between an Eagle (and their powerful vision) and the playful innocence of the Otter...:-)
Nolan Long
The bee 🐝 and the butterfly 🦋
I will soon draw a bee and make a butterfly.
evelyn burns
wolf as he is my protector and hunter