April 6, 2017 by
Mr. Happy
Magic: the manipulation of Energy :)
Christian Wiese
The magic of the WAY :)
Luv ~ 11:11
Can I answer "All of the above?" :thumbup:
Balance, the energy and focus to move FORWARD
Passer by
Devotion ,read L<3 ve :grouphug:
The lack of a box
Maja Zwicky-Saudhi
Maria Isabel Merino Jimenez
Healing <3 love <3
Juan M. Cerda
Source Energy :: The Massive HEART Openings Of True Love :: The Inner Magic :stars::rainbow::stars:
Peter contemplative
As Luv says - all of the above. The others lead to healing but healing allows more of the others which allows even more healing which allows even more of the others .....>>
Stacey Sarakinis
Love of LIFE and Relationship are the greatest aspects of my spirituality. The other things are merely side effects...rather like when one goes to the gym every day and works out...there is going to be muscle built, it is just a fact of the action. Some tap in to their gifts quite easily...but stil...View More
A clearer understanding of everything that use to confuse me.
BigPicture Questions
Clarity about who and what we really are.
Bradley Koch
All of it
Cynthia Petro
Many of this world are "asleep", non magical and non spiritual. Spirituality defies human logic so to me, spirituality is magical. Magic "sees" and magic will lead me HOME. I'm lonely for home.
Magick is Intuition Then Logic.
Janette Giffin
Healing and Magic! Nature is the highest form and expression of magic, and I love nature. I've also long been involved in the healing industry. It's been both rewarding for myself and others.