Yaroslava's Flowers

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<b>I would like to introduce you to my new children's book <i>Yaroslava's Flowers</i>! I am certain you will find this magical story, and the beautiful and playful illustrations, uplifting and enlightening for children young and old! My hope is that any parents or children at heart who seek for Enlightening stories that radiate Love for the children of the future to support this book in any way they can.</b> <br /> <br /><b>You can order the book NOW and see previews of the pages and illustrations at <br /> <br /><i>"Yaroslava’s Flowers" is a story for all children and anyone with a youthful Heart. Yaroslava is a little girl who loves flowers so much that she can hear them speak to her. When the Flower Spirit appears to her and gives her a bag of magic seeds, she embarks on a Journey of the Spirit to discover the healing and transforming power of flowers. As Yaroslava brings new life to the places and people around her, she also discovers more about herself – through the power of flowers!</i> <br /> <br /><b>There are many ways that you can help me to bring this little book into the world. Please see if you can participate with any of these:</b> <br /> <br /> <b>oo</b> Buy a copy of the book for you, your children, your friends or family, your local library or school, or just a special Child in your life who deserves a special book which shares the Magic and Spirit of flowers, nature, and humanity. <br /> <br /> <b>oo</b> Share about this book here on Spiritual Networks, on Facebook (, Twitter (@yogapoetry), Pinterest, or any other social media you are active on. You can also share my Blog Website: <br /> <br /> <b>oo</b> Share with me the contact information for any local independent bookstores, alternative spiritual or metaphysical stores, flower shops or other artsy shops in your area, or talk with them directly about carrying the book. <br /> <br /> <b>oo</b> Add a link on your blog/website to my book page at <br /> <br /> <b>oo</b> Share with me any local or online literary magazines or communities, online or real world, that might do a review of my book, or talk to anyone you know who works in these fields. <br /> <br /> <b>oo</b> Do your own review of the book on my blog/website at: <br /> <br />Love and Light to All of You!<i></i>