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Basic Yoga Classes for beginners every day
Basic Yoga Classes for beginners every day
Are you new to yoga or you haven’t practiced for a while?
Do you want to gain flexibility, keep your mind and body in shape, release stress and have a better state of general well-being?
These classes are for all levels, even for those who never practiced before, just come along.
Try our Basic yoga classes and learn about :
- the fundamentals of Hatha yoga postures, Vinyasa flow
- the benefits of a constant yoga practice
- how to apply the yogic principles to your daily life
- how to relax and offer yourself some quality time
- how your emotional state can influence your body to release it from physical pain
Join our Basic classes in our friendly, welcoming studio in Ubud, Bali.
every Monday to Saturday from 2Pm to 3.30PM
Price:Drop in IDR 120K, Multi class & Local Discount Available
e-mail :
phone no. +62-361-977-824
address: Penestanan Kaja, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia