The Mysterious Goddess
There is a Unknown Goddess, shrouded in Mystery,
Her Temples; desecrated, destroyed since History,
Since time immemorial She has existed,
and somehow, Whispers of Wisdom persisted.
The points She makes, mostly missed,
Knowledge She offers, widely dismissed,
For Her songs of Virtue, and of Beauty,
Are viewed as primitive, exposed so crudely.
Many sail to a far away place,
To see only Followers, Legacy disgraced,
Whether be it the place; Her Sacred Books speak of:
An Imaginary Heaven or the hell beneath us.
However She guards Wisdom like a forged Iron Door,
Her mind sharp like a Thousand Cleaving Sword,
Her Eyes penetrating like a Piercing Lance,
Yet when She see Her followers, at a glance...
as if The Universe shall Sing in Song and Dance,
as if all for One;
and self in Trance.
For darker days to come, many a day without Light or Sun,
Time, one evil, ignorant will strike war drum.
Brightly in Unison, We shall strike The Final Blow:
With the Sword of Wisdom, the Sword of Swords,
Better days for all, for all evil, will lose the Final War.
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