The Japanese Artist (And Her Calligraphy)
My mouth watering with sweet taste,
As I See The Ink drawn on this paper board,
The Ink smells so fresh,
My Mouth palpitating with Joy,
Ahhh the fresh aroma, so tasty, so neat,
It makes me feel like i can no longer feel my feet,
someone, get that other kid away, he is holding a jar of bleach!
Draw again, Young artist, i can hold my seat,
The Ink, The Ink i can almost taste it,
What a painting, it's a hit.
Every Lien She draws so precise,
Not a detail She has missed,
As The Japanese Women draws Her Calligraphy
I wonder if She struck a cord with Paradise itself,
Maybe it's what they call energy, (Chi)
She is a Blessing to All, what great strength,
It's not music She is Writing but it sings a song,
Let us all draw calligraphy and sing along
Fine tuning, As She draws under the moon,
I thought i was talented, but i spoke too soon.
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