God’s Sword of Energy
Never relying on fight or flight,
Behold, a Sword of old, Bravery and Might,
When all is for one, all is in synergy,
Blessed by the Gods, Behold, The Sword of Energy,
Whether serving heaven, sky or land,
Whether fighting demons or devils to brand
Slaying all those who oppose our Creator's will,
A Sword of Ancient Might, of Love and Skill
Whether reading new taught or scrolls of old,
Whether in silence or speech, in both be bold,
Whether one trapped in a prison or life in a cage,
The Sword of Energy appears, for those truthful and brave
Whether surrounded by hysterie, or seeking deep mystery,
Whether full of energy deep surrounded by misery,
Whether Hearts turn warm, neutral or cold,
Never Shall its Wielder of Ancient Ways ever fail or fold,
A truthful Sword of Love and Skill,
Always Strong, never wrong is Our God’s Will.