Hello to whoever may read this,
I haven't come to this sight in quite some time, but I'm not sure where else to turn. In some ways I feel like I am losing my mind. I have somehow lost so many friends and connections over the past few years.
I'll start by saying I don't have many friends, and really no one who would understand. I am constantly feeling so many things at once, sometimes I can't even desifer my own thoughts. I constantly get extremely strong feelings that I know are correct but I'm never able to prove it.
How do we know what is our fears and what is our intuition?
It's affecting my whole life. It's holding me back, ruining my relationships, and making me feel less confident than ever.
I'm really just looking for someone to talk to. Someone who might understand, and maybe I could help someone too.
Love and light to all.
Honey <3
What is something to you, can only you decide.
What feels good and safe to you, is yours...do not listen/read
and think you need to be all that.
You are you.Complete and whole and wonderful just as you are.
Deep feelings and reactions are so wellcomed to this realm.
Love yourself.You are created out of love, and love never leaves you.
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Dear Amber, I'm so sorry to hear your life is turned upside down at the moment. Have you considered joining a meditation group, you may find it helpful in quietening your mind to allow your inner voice to guide you through your difficult time. It would also help you to untangle your thoughts from your intuition and you'd be surrounded by like minded people who would support you.
Hang on in there, things can only get better for you. X
:hello: Amber,
You are not alone in feeling this way. Empaths feel like this all the time and most people dont understand this because they are not open spiritually. You obviously are and i know its hard to explain how you feel, but im here if you ever want to talk. Im empathic and a healer, who feels not only my own energies and feelings, but also other peoples. So i do understand how you feel.
I wish you love and light and remember we all take care of each other x
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You are perfect the way you are! I find that as we are growing within ourselves, we are less willing to accommodate or play along with others but want to be accepted for who we are. That's why we lose people who no longer fit our lifestyle and vision. That's okay and its only temporary. Look for groups that are more in line with your current interests, yoga for example or look to attend an energy healing class like Reiki or Qigong. I bet you will find like minded people there who can easily relate to you. Besides being alone does not mean that you have to be lonely, fill your spare time with things you truly enjoy, perhaps even volunteer (Humane Society, Nursing Homes...) those can provide you with wonderful fulfilling experiences.
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Thank you all so very much for all your advice and kind words! I am so grateful. <3 <3
You intuition is what strikes at fear, sometimes you have to flow with The Divine Feminine, Wisdom and Intuition, sometimes The Divine Masculine Intelligence and Logic, they each have their part to play in Sorcery and Magick, Sorcery is the release of Energy thought Charisma and Willpower, whereas Magick requires Formulas.
Goddess Freya use to teach Sorcery to Young Women and Men, until the joyung arrived, the two headed beasts and monsters, two faced idiots who didn't wants Freya to teach Them Sorcery and Mysticism.
The joyung are an Ancient race, initial past of the Creatrixes/Creators selective higher planar races who betrayed The Goddess and God due to the belief system that Women and Men couldn't achieve the Status of Goddesses and Gods and the evil joyung would express and Aura of Love, Compassion and Determination, Strength Virtue, as loving men, but they had a secret... they would cover up their very existences as an evil seducing cult of overpowering men in order to take Women away from Greater Levels of Existence, and would hide their trails through a complex coded system of detailed communication and secret messages based on The Codex Magicka, The Long Lost Code of Magick.
Finally There is Odin, Her Loving Husband, A Brave and Bold Warrior, who thought Men, Manhood, and used a series of exercises, Rites of Passage, Discipline, and Manhood in Order To bring Ever lasting Love and Peace and Harmonization Energetic development of Others and Self thought Kundalini energies used through Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Manifestations.
Thank You for reading this, hope you have a Loving Day full of Compassion and enter a Magickal World and levels of attainement