Hello people.
I am new to this network.
So I Will to introduce myself tot you.
I am Anja from The Netherlands, 32 years old, married, and love animals, writing, watching tv series.
I have alot of Cats (5) and a horse.
I work as a support specialist at an IT company.
I had always interest in spirituality, but the older I was getting it more it slibbed away.
Last year I was introduced to
NLP and the doors to spirituality openend again for me.
Im searching for myself behind my ego. And how I can live without any struggle of my mind to be a better person for myself and my environment.
Its a path.. but thats why we here on earth.
Hugs for all!
How awesome Anja! So glad that you were led here to SN! There are many Awakened Souls on here that might be able to assist you on your journey. Always trust your inner guidance and what resonates within your own Being.
"Enjoy the journey" <3