Old souls are comfortable in and of themselves they have been reincarnated to this planet many times, they have learnt many lessons, they understand the way things work in an earthly capacity. The journey to self awareness grows steady, mostly un rushed, connecting and relating to the world of being human with little conflict.
I have recently been told by a spirit guide that I am a new soul on this earth and this is something that makes sense to me. I have some understanding of the world but not much in the ways that an old soul carries naturally. Yet the same guide told me that I have an incredible amount of internal knowledge and connection to a higher spiritual level, this makes sense to me too. I have had connections to spiritual vibrations throughout my life and constantly find myself in situations where my energies are there to support others, constantly receiving signs that the spirits are supporting me. BUT! My day to day being human life is a disaster.. new soul problems? Anyone care to share any other accounts of being a new soul.. ?
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Hi Jay,
Old soul/new soul,
I understand how you feel, you feel disconnected from this world and everything around you. I feel exactly the same, i have always felt i didnt belong in this world, but i truly believe i am here to help others and i think you are here to help others, with your inner knowledge and your guide will help you do this. Your inner knowledge will teach you as you go on your journey/path. Embrace who you are and what you can do to help, care and nurture those that need it.
I am a healer and i use my inner knowledge and my guide to help those that need it.
I wish you well my friend x
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I understand. I believe you need to understand yourself in many different areas of spiritualism. Understanding your birth chart. Your astrological being. Your numerology. Your conscious development. There are people here that have no motivation in gaining monetarily from you. We are those who are here to evolve humanity to where we are to be. Look for those people. I do not judge others in their journeys that do choose to gain monitarily with their awareness however, there are ones who have a specific purpose to assist you spiritually. May peace be with you!