My best friend met a guy while we were out partying to ring in the new year. They exchanged phone numbers have texted since. They went on a date a week after took photo booth pics did some activities and she had an amazing time with him, they have a lot in common and they just had a great time she was over the moon because of it. This morning I woke up out of a dream about them. I dreamt that I was just out walking and I ran into her she showed me her hands and was holding like 20 gold necklaces. I thought to myself why is he giving you so much gold?! She showed me the one that was her favourite and it was long two necklaces in one and it had a triangle pendant facing down with rhinestones. But she couldn't wear it because her grandmother had given her a necklace and that would cover (in real life there isn't any necklace). What I'm wondering is it trying to say all that glitters isn't gold?! Or he's going to value her?
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