I have been reading this evening... a newbie to spiritual networks... looks like a great place for spiritual people to connect and have enjoyed reading...
I would like to ask you...
What is your greatest challenge or pain in life? what is it that if you could find an answer to this particular issue, what would that issue be?
Thank you for your comments...
Hi Rhonda that is an incredibly difficult question. But on reflection I would say that my biggest struggle is my inability to do anything to change people's attitudes and make them see their ignorance on what their materialistic and capitalist ideas with their narrow minded selfish and prejudice attitudes are doing to our one and only planet. All I can do is try and be the best person I can be and live by example but some times that temptation of a new gadget will sway me and then I regret my actions. I feel compassion for animals I see being trapped sadness for animals hit by vehicles these are my deepest issues and if I could make every body see and feel everybody's and everything's suffering I would in hope of their realisation
Thank you for sharing. There is much going on in the world that bothers me also. We cannot change others thinking. We can only provide different perspective for them to think about. It is up to them to do the spiritual and personal growth. When we live in love and gratitude we send out a vibration into the universe of an elevated vibration that affects 75 people. When we pray and meditate, we are sending a message to God of our desire for goodness. I like to believe the consciousness is shifting; however there will always be less evolved souls and it will be a process. And you can do your part by sharing your thoughts with others who are open to a shift in awareness. Blessings to you for your thoughts. :)
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Well I know where I am going as far as my spiritual life goes but the thing I find really hard to do is to except praise,i cannot except it.
Hi Carron,
I understand... very honestly that is something I am working on right now. Many spiritual traditions have taught us to not feel good about ourselves and many of us have low self esteem because of the spiritual teachings, things like putting others before ourselves, etc. And sometimes we picked up something and interpreted in falsely (which was the case with me). Also, when we isolate, we feel like we are less and it causes anxiety and uncomfortableness when we are around others. When we feel good about ourselves it is easier to accept praise as it is a way that others are sending love out to us, appreciation. When we start to love ourselves more, and believe in ourselves more, and reach out to others in love, then it will be easier for us to accept praise in our lives. Perhaps some affirmations like "I love myself unconditionally and accept praise from others easily" would help. I suspect since that was my experience, that yours might be similar.
I appreciate your thoughts... Namaste to you.. Rhonda
Hi rhonda,
my experiences come from childhood.because of the circumstances of my birth my mother hated me and the feeling was mutual.because i was born with my gifts it made me an outcast in my own family.my grandmother was the only one to understand me.i ran away from home to live with my grandmother.i was never ever praised as a child.
i was very shy when i was doing my training i am a counsellor we had to say one thing about ourselves that was mine.the tutour told me you will by the end of your training.but i never did. all my life i have always helped others. they say thank you,but it means nothing to me.i will help anyone as long as they dont praise me.
Thank you for sharing your history... it sounds like you have low self esteem and do not love yourself... might I suggest that you start a gratitude journal... that might help you feel better about yourself... every day write 5 things that you are grateful for... or can you put yourself in a love state, that is just feel the feeling of love? I do that quite often... I also love the angelic realm and invite them into my life and feel their love and presence...
Let me know if those ideas resonate for you... I sense that you are hurting... and am sending you love and light... blessings to you... Rhonda
PS... I might add that you need to work on your giving and receiving... I have had a problem with that also... I used to do do do...and loved giving... and when someone wanted to give to me, I said no... I do not do that anymore... always allow others to reciprocate by giving to you... hope that helps... :)
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Hi Rhonda,
I was born not wanting to come into this world.i remember being born I didn't like it and didn't want it eather,i was born knowing this will be my final life time I now walk my final path,i was also born knowing at least three of my past lifes one is where I should be now not here,i was also born with so much of medical knowledge.knowing all that and being spiritual with no one around me to guide me,my guide stood in front of me arms crossed and told me his name and that he was sent to the earth plain with me,i am a medium a psychic all three clairs a healer and a counsellor.everything I have done is to help others I lost my husband 9 years ago leaving me with 5 kids to raise on my own,i sued the health service for his death it took 4 years but I won,i have had 32 operations and am facing another on my foot.i am always in fight mode I take from nobody I am scared of nothing or no one.this is how my life has been since I was born,before my husband died I told him I would change places with him he loved life I hate it,i used to be very shy not anymore since losing so many people in my life I had to.
Hi Carron,
My walk has been so different. I consider myself a modern day mystic and feel I am relearning much of what I knew, looking at everything with new eyes. I honor you and where you are on your walk though... I used to be one of those who would give without receiving and thought it was spiritual. However, my attitudes are shifting...
Namaste my friend...
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My full realization and after on... what can be better than to rediscover your own true nature and help your neighbor to rediscover it too!..
Hello Rhonda...My greatest challenge in life is to really live my life fully, full of vim an vigor and not just to exist day to day. I have overcome many challenges but seem to keep getting stuck on health issues out of lack of self love. I have overcome being judgemental of others but self seems to be the hardest yet. I have faith that 2017 will be the year to accomplish this and am looking forward to doing so...
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Honestly, the biggest challenge has been dealing with other people's depression, mental illness and suicides. The grief makes me afraid of full joy. Kinda weird.
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