Share perhaps? What is your purpose? And how did you go about finding it?
Every thing happens at right time is a big philosophy. It's knowledge will itself make things happen. Maturity and its scale eludes comprehension.
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I feel my true purpose is to be the most me I can be, clean of any past or future stories, now, and let my true self shine through. My life is the reflection of me, I would Love it to reflect the real, pure, individual aspect of source that I am.
Howard x
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We have to find out:
1. Who we really are in essence
2. Why we are here on earth
3. What are we supposed to be doing while we are here on earth
4. Then just do it
If you would like the answers I have discovered they are:
1. We are a part of the ALL
2. We created earth to experience form and become conscious that we are the ALL - one consciousness
3. We are to experience everything we are experiencing fully while conscious that we are the ALL, also we are to create, and let our mind and emotions know who's boss
4. We are to keep this up all our life and read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle for in depth required info that cannot be told in one forum reply.
Good luck in your search
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The only thing that comes to my mind when thinking about my purpose on this planet, is about Helping people to understand the real meaning of FAITH!
We have been taught in a negative and non-sense way about what FAITH really IS.
Many of us confuse FAITH with HOPE.
Many prayers starts with a request and/or a feeling of emptyness and lack of Love, Happiness,etc...
God loves All of Us, Unconditionally, but almost all religions in the world are teaching us about a bad/vindictive God, that punish us for every single mistake we make, even if God created us that way, knowing that God makes everything perfect. So...should we be just mistakes on this Earth? Neah...
Jesus used to Thank God for healing ill people, BEFORE those people being already healed.
THAT is Faith. When you know that God Loves you unconditionally and gives you everything you need and want to make your life a happy experience.
So, a prayer should be an act of Gratitude, instead of an act of request.
Sorry if my post bothers you... This is just what came to my mind right now :)
Have a beautiful day, People! <3
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my purpose here is to learn how to surrender fully to the Light and to transcend the ego.
it feels like when the student is ready, the Universe provides the teacher. I am in a process of ego-transcendence (which I now understand) is a never ending process. It is why we are all here and as we evolve, deepen and grow, so does our need to remain in this dense frequency "the earth plane"
I believe the reason why we incarnated here is that our energetic vibration is not high enough, and this is actually an opportunity to participate in our own evolution, by staying in the body and engaged in the world as a process to transcend the ego become love itself. It is our natural state to be happy, it's just our body/minds that prevent our realizing it fully. I don't feel that for me, sitting in a cave (trying to get out of my body, spinning my chi and playing with my chakra's) is really why I came here. I believe that the hard part, the lesson is to be able to learn how to love fully, despite what condition my condition is in, humanly speaking.
As I face the challenges of my personal journey in life, I ask myself, can I love through this or that, and not get sucked into the trama/drama that I see with my limited perspective of this Divine Mystery that lies before me.
I believe my purpose it to realize all this and to use my gifts to bring this awareness to the world as best as I can...
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To be beyond myself. To help others is my purpose.
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I am always learning more about my purpose and what I would like for my life. Sometimes restraint and learning responsibility are necessary before we can work with and
use the material world to support dreams. Materialism is not bad in itself, only if it blinds to our higher spiritual selves and the need to be at 'One' with the universe.
My purpose is to serve. I've been serving others for as long as I can remember. As long as I was connected to a church (44 years); I served. In fact, I served for others more so I did for my parents. I've served as camera man for a church in the US and abroad. I served as a teacher of God. I've served as a laymen to deacon to head deacon to minister to elder and now ordained elder. The more I served it seems the more gifts and talents I gained. Whatever gift and talent was revealed I used it to uplift the local church. Currently, serving as a resident videographer for local churches. I know that there is more of my purpose. At the appointed time, I will know.
I love giving back to others that which was given to me. I'm a willing vessel to be used for the uplift of mankind. Here I am now learning a new phase of me and my purpose.
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"To entertain and to be entertained."
-Paramhansa Yogananda
Now I can answer any question on spirituality or religion. But what good does it do? Nobody ever asks me! Oh, well.
Simply be the example.
The world very much needs examples of embodied masters - humans living peaceful, joyous, drama-free lives.
Well I hit a dark place I'm my life ,like a deep hole I couldn't get out if,I prayed and asked for help,things started to improve slowly,then I started to recieve signs,feathers,double digits like 1111,and 0606,Md I had an overwhelming sense to help people .and preach about wisdom .
For many years i wandered about lost and unsure of what I wanted to do and really what made me happy.
I then discovered a book that changed my world, I have since discovered Reiki, Meditation and my biggest joys Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression & Soul Purpose work. I still have a full time job to pay my bills but the pleasure comes from practicing the skills i have learned that help others in their search.
My world opened up, I desire less and yearn for more.... work that out
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When you experience an unsettling feeling, emptiness inside, a nervousness without cause, a desire for more than the humdrum repetitiveness of daily life, it is time for you to start your spiritual quest, to find your path to enlightenment, your connection with divine truth.
When you seek to understand what life is all about, you will learn to open your heart, to love all including yourself, to feel your connection with others. Faith believes in a higher order to life, that life is more than a random set of occurrences. It believes in a power which is the source of all life that connects all life forms: an energy that is responsible for all life as we know it.
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Search for truth
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Enlightenment is Spirituality, Magick, Science, Technology, The Divine Feminine, The Divine Masculine, Mother Nature and Father Sky. The Eight Fold Path, same Number but different values in Paganism and Buddhism, but they overlap with Judaism, Christianity and Islam at 12 and 14, but i'm not sure about 14! but there are many more Methods, such as.... what do you add?
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