For a long while i've seen myself dying on an escelator.. Then it all dissapeared but i'm still nervous in shopping malls
I have had reoccurring dreams my entire life, just like my Grams. I'm wondering though if this isn't a symbolic dream with the escalator moving upwards in spirals as our Spiritual Journey takes us? In my work, I've learned to work with my Angels. You might call upon your Angel of Death/Rebirth during Meditation and ask her what the escalator means to your Guardian Angels. He references the spiral escalator in his book during a session with one of his Angels! I've studied John Randolph Price "Angels Within Us" and use it all the time for meditation prayers to contact my specific Angels. They do find a way to contact you. About 25 years ago I was writing in my Journal after meditating with "Angels Within Us" and suddenly my handwriting changed. Rather startling considering the words had not been in my mind and until then I'd never heard of automatic writing! Blessings on your Spiritual Journey!
Rolinda Mae
Not sure if anything on this link will help you with your dream or not.

BTW, I discovered my Automatic Writing ability just about 3 years ago. It happened very naturally. I would just start writing to someone on here and the things that I would write seemed to be not of me, but from another Source. heart
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