FAQ Signup How do I signup? By clicking the Signup or Register icon you can set up a page in less than 60 seconds. Be sure to follow directions and enter the captcha in order to gain entry. How do I find my username and password? If you forgot your password, please select the appropriate button on the welcome page and we'll email it to you. If your username isn't working and you have a space between your first and last names, try using an 'underscore' in order to gain entry. What kind of people join the ALL NEW SN? Authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, intuitive guides, lightworkers, motivational speakers, reiki masters, single moms and anyone else who has peace in their heart and love in their soul. Home Page What is my Home Page? Located in the upper left hand corner, click this icon to visit the control center of the site. It's here that you'll find everything from our update stream to bulletins, birthday reminders, new friends, the shoutbox and much more. How do I arrange my Home? Under the new beta, you can now arrange your Home page to any specifications you want. By holding the cursor over each section until all 4 arrows are highlighted or visiting the "Toggle" icon located in "Customize Home," you can drag and drop each block to your own personal preferences. Where is the Customize Home? Located in the upper right hand corner, this section allows you to arrange your Home to your exact specifications. Visit the upper right hand side of this page and you'll see "Blocks" which represent areas of content such as bulletins, birthday, shoutbox and so forth. Click them on or off to highlight which areas you wish to see. "Toggle" allows you to drag and drop each block up and down each side of the page. What are Activity Feeds? Located on the left hand side of the Home, feeds capture each and every entry on the site. Whenever someone uploads a video, makes a comment or posts anything of value you'll find it here. Feel free to comment on feeds or use it as a vehicle to follow up on new ideas. What is on your mind? In keeping with what you see on FB and Twitter, this section allows you to post a comment which will appear as a headline on your profile. Feel free to share your thoughts and change this area as often as you like. What is the Shoutbox? The Shoutbox is located on the middle right hand side of the Home. This cutting edge service allows you to communicate with an unlimited number of members in real time. Just type your message in the bottom rectangle of the shoutbox and press enter when you're done. This is an awesome way to keep in touch with friends by sharing your thoughts of the day. Menu Bar Where are my Settings? Located in the upper right hand corner, you will find your Account and Privacy settings. It is here that you can choose just how much privacy you wish to have on your page. You can choose time zones, change your username, even hide your DOB if you wish. How do I invite my friends? The Invite button is a major asset in that you can now send an unlimited number of invites to friends outside this network. Under the old beta it was 5 at a time. Now you can send 1000s just make sure to separate each one with a comma. This should go a long way towards helping us fuel the word of mouth phenomenon known as the ALL NEW SN!! How do I browse members on the site? The Members button allows you to see who's online, featured members and even those who are top rated. To see the entire list of members, just click the Members button and you'll see the most recent logins. To find our newest members, click "Sort Results by Joined" located inside Advanced Filters on the left hand side of the page. How do I add new friends? Located inside the Members section is an entire list of profiles. Underneath a Member profile picture is an "Add to Friends" button. Click that and you can add new friends without ever having to visit anyone's profile. Bottom line, you can connect with over 1,000 friends in less than 35 minutes. Profile How do I change my profile picture? Located inside the Profile button on the upper right hand side of the menu bar is an "Edit Profile Picture" icon. How do I fill out my Profile? Inside the Profile button is an "Edit Profile" section. It is here that you can share your turn ons, hobbies, books and About Me summary. Please feel free to write a short bio including your weblinks so members can learn more about you as well as have access to your own personal website. How do I add html and color to my page? Inside the Profile button is a "Customize Profile" section. The area marked Advanced allows you to change and update 1000s of color schemes for each block of your profile. Three links down in this section is a Page Width icon, feel free to adjust that based on how much background you wish to show. To add html, copy and paste your code into the CSS section and press save. What is Profile Designer? Profile Designer is located within the Customize Profile section. This area also houses the Blocks and Themes sections. Blocks allow you to highlight exactly what you want to show on your page. Themes allow you to change the color templates of your page or revert to the default theme which is blue. Once again, "Toggle" in the upper right hand corner allows you to drag and drop each block to your desired tastes. Where is my spiritual content? Located on the top Menu Bar of your page is a list of all your spiritual content. Everything from blogs you have written to polls you have posted in here. This is a quick and easy way for members to connect with what makes you tick. For maximum value, please be sure to add your weblinks at the end of every entry you make so that members have easy access to your personal websites. DO NOT add weblinks to our tag and keyword programs as this clogs up the system. Authenticity and Activity What are the rules regarding spam? We expect you to be authentic in your approach and active within the community. By all means, if you have something you believe in please share your ideas with your fellow members. Remember to personalize your communication and address members by name. Sharing photos, writing blogs and uploading videos is an excellent way to soft sell your products and services. How often do I have to log into the site? While subject to change, you must login every 180 days and contribute something of value or your Profile may be be taken down. Our "Use It or Lose It" approach to social networking helps to deliver a quality of membership that is second to none. Marketplace Where can I sell my stuff? We are extremely excited about the ALL NEW SN Marketplace. Located inside the Explore button on the top banner, the Marketplace allows you to sell your products and services ABSOLUTELY FREE. You can upload photos, share links and post multiple price listings. Over time we expect the Marketplace to be a huge draw and promoting you and your business will be a major focus of our team. Service Can I get some help please? Given that the ALL NEW SN just went LIVE around the world on December 16, 2011 we are all in the process of finding our way around. With over 200 Upgrades, 250% Faster Downloads and 1000% More Connectivity, you're bound to have questions. Being family owned and operated, we pride ourselves on delivering a quality of service that is second to none. If you're lost and need help, just click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the Home page and we'll get back to you within 24 hrs. Many thanks for your support and we look forward to serving you.