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2017-04-08 Time
Saturday, April 8, 2017 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
My Egpyt
10-12 Robert Street
Everyone on this planet is a healer it is just a matter of awakening the healer within. Healing is just a simply process of holding the space and being a channel for others to allow their healing to take place. Sometimes the best healing modality is the simplest of all. Sandra will show you 2 simple process which will bring out the healer in everyone. These process are designed for you to work on your family or your clients which ever is applicable to your situation. Imagine being able to put a crying baby to sleep, reduce your love ones stress levels, calm a angry child. ITS IN YOUR HANDS These healing process are a awesome addition to any modality you may already be doing. In fact they will enhance the outcome for both you and the person you are working on. Both can be done sitting or laying on a massage table. The first is a simple vibrational technique which balances the meridians through out the body. Which allows your body to come into balance. The second is a powerful 5th dimensional technique developed by Raelene Byrne from 'Medicine For Your Spirit" which takes you through the process of removing and letting go of anything which no longer serves you. This is achieved my using sacred geometry and standing in the Eye of Creation . A powerful technique which clears all blocks which then enables you to create what you truly desire while also standing in the Eye of Creation then giving thanks to all that has been done. We a truly powerful creators of what we have in our lives so why not use that power to create and manifest what you really want and not want you don't want. Sandra will also be taking you through a group meditation to finish off the afternoon. Cost $77..00 LIMITED SPACES . CALL MY EGYPT ON 0447 076 633 UNCH NOT INCLUDED Please bring a massage table if you have one Water and pen to take note A Workbook is included
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