2017-04-28 Time
Friday, April 28, 2017 5:00 pm - Wednesday, November 29, 2017 1:00 am
Saratoga Spa State Park, and Gideon Putnam Resort
19 Rooselvelt Drive, Saratoga Spa State Park
Saratoga Springs
New York
United States
[b]FESTIVAL FOR CHANGE & POWERMASTERY EMPOWERMENT RETREAT[/b] For Natural Health, Wellness, Fitness and Higher Consciousness [b]Friday - Sunday, April 28 - 30, 2017[/b] [u]In cooperation with[/u]: • Saratoga Convention & Tourism Bureau • Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce • Saratoga Spa State Park • Gideon Putnam Resort • I Love New York - Empire State Economic Development Sick and tired about the lack of options you have regarding your health, wellness, and how to breakthrough in your personal and business life? Discover safer, healthier and eye opening options to enjoying life from the inside out; holistically and organically. <a href="http://www.festivalforchange.com" target="_blank">Festival for Change</a> is a FREE outdoor festival, and <a href="http://www.powermasteryretreat.eventbrite.com" target="_blank"> Powermastery Empowerment Retreat</a> is an indoor/door outdoor multi program workshop with over 10 accomplished faculty. These are springboards to improve and empower your life through experiential education, insights and inspiration from world record holders, healers, thought leaders, health and wellness professionals, TV celebrities, top selling authors and a community of like-minded souls sharing in the hopes and dreams that there is always a better way while bringing up your energy levels through sound and movement. [u]The Festival (Free Programming)[/u] • Meet respected health and wellness leaders who share their insights and inspiration • Meditation and yoga to organically begin or continue your path to holistic health and wellness • Presentations to unlock the space where your possibility percolates • Music and performance programs to boost your high vibrational energy up • Exhibits and workshops on how to experience more peace, serenity, mindfulness, and wellness • Holistic activities for children and families • Conservation and ecology • Outdoor recreation - how to get started, where to find it, what to do, and a FREE equipment swap area [u]Powermastery's Empowerment Retreat[/u]: o Life changing insights o How to become more mindful and courageous even when opposing forces tell you otherwise o Get the inside information and insights on little known life and health strategies o Innovative processes and alternatives to potentially harmful methods to medical health o Bringing out your higher consciousness and freeing your spirit to help you soar o Important life hacks using diet, nutrition, and fitness as a first line of defense for health and recovery o Creating an unstoppable belief that what you fear and believe impossible is I'mPossible. [u]If you ever experienced[/u]: • Procrastination • Chronic pain and suffering • Loss of purpose • Loss of love or connection • Negative or destructive addictions or habits • Challenging health issues • A sense of helplessness or low self esteem • Depression • Anxiety [u]If you desire to[/u]: • Find a sense of purpose • Discover new, effective, and non-intrusive solutions to regaining health and wellness • Unlock an undaunted courage and build confidence • Find peace and happiness without strings • Feel a sense of accomplishment • Take control of your life • Looking at challenges as positive opportunities while celebrating your wins • Desire to help others as healer, practitioner, guide or healthcare giver If this means something to you, then Festival for Change & Powermastery Empowerment weekend is for you! [b]Festival details at[/b] <a href="http://www.festivalforchange.com" target="_blank">Festival for Change</a> [b]Register for Retreat[/b]: If you were intrigued enough to read this far I am rewardng you with two complimentary passes to attend. Just register at this link and you'll be added to the guest list! <a href="http://tinyurl.com/PowermasteryRetreat2017Comp/"_blank">Empowerment Retreat</a>> Register to be Festival Exhibitors/Vendors/Wellness Provider: <a href="https://festivalforchangeexhibitor.eventbrite.com">Festival Vendor Registration</a> Shamanic leaders, eastern medicine providers, allied health professionals, nutritionists, lifestyle leaders, ultra fitness athletes, world record holders, light and spiritual guides, artists, performers, and more from throughout the country will guide you through practical experiences to: • Master your life detours • Bring all that is out of control back into some semblance of sanity and • Help others heal, transform and evolve. Mind, body and spirit is more than a coined expression, it is how you define a holistic approach to life. The Retreat (by registration only) empowers positive change into your life, sets into motion a wellness lifestyle, and awakens your spirit. The Retreat is 80% experiential, not long boring lectures or diatribes, nor people talking at you! It redefines traditional learning modalities making your experience memorable with results beginning while at the Retreat. *Prospective Festival exhibitors, Festival healers and anyone attending the Retreat interested in becoming a healer, healthcare or wellness provider please refer to your tax accountant for deductibility and writing off work related education, exhibitor fees and travel expenses. We cannot not provide tax nor legal advice. Saratoga is famous for its legendary mineral spa baths, mineral springs known for medicinal properties that percolate with organically pure untreated, carbonated spring water free for you to drink, geysers, mineral springs, and hiking trails. Saratoga is a vibrant and alive town complete with restaurants and inviting boutiques, and of course famous its Saratoga Thoroughbred Race Course and Casino. Details at <a href="www.festivalforchange.com">www.festivalforchange.com</a> Thank you for your kind support, participation and contribution to our wellness community and initiative. As we turn the corner from a long economic recovery we awaken to a higher consciousness that health, wellness and mindfulness are important elements in our lives, and have been overlooked in the name of material gain or our struggle to make ends meet. Many are beginning to realize if they or their loved ones are unwell or in pain there is no amount of money that will make you or them happy. We bring together a collective village of healers, wellness leaders, and allied health professionals who are sharing their insights and information with you to provide you organic and holistic avenues to your health and wellness while freeing your spiritual energy through holistic, complementary, augmented and allied health. BE A PROUD SPONSOR: <a href="mailto:support@festivalforchange.com?Subject=Yello">I'm interested in being a Festival Sponsor!</a>
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