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Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and today, I am happy, humbled, and brimming with gratitude.
Each one of you has been a blessing in my life as well. When I teach, I learn. When I learn, I teach. Every soul is different and each one of us has a very unique path with the same Universal goal. This was an awesome lesson to learn and as each new student enters my world, I learn something new. I am blessed to watch and assist with these amazing transformations and growth. This is my life path and I love it and I love you.
I just want to say thank you to those of you who decided, "Yes! Sheri, I am coming with you!" and bought my amazing Spiritual Awakening - Connection to Your Source E-Course and Spiritual Awareness - Manifestation E-Course. I know what a huge commitment this was for those that said yes. You committed to 10 solid weeks of hard work, self analysis, forgiveness and love. You have had to do a lot of deep internal soul searching and soul work. However to those that have completed the courses, you are well equipped to handle the crisis, the stress, the fear, the anger and all the negative things that pop up on your path to block you from moving forward.
I am excited and honored to be part of your journey.
Knowing that you trust that my life's passion will help you to transform your greatest challenges around spirituality, success, money, abundance, and financial freedom AND shift your touches me.
I am also deeply grateful to the sacred trust you've given me.
I am powerfully awake to the responsibility, and I'm ready to serve, guide, provoke, confront, and do all that I can to show you how to live into your brilliance and freedom.
Thank you all. The blessings have been many and continue to manifest back and forth between the student and the teacher.
Universe is full of unlimited abundance. Each and every one of you has inside of you exactly what it takes to be successful and prosperous. You have the ability to change your life into an every flowing world of manifestation. You are all blessed and and have the favor of God with you always.
My heart is touched by each one of you and today, I have tears of gratitude flowing from me as my blessings are overflowing right now. I am so grateful that I am alive and able to share, to give, to receive and most of all, to forgive and love.
Believe in yourself and that Father God, Mother Gaia, your angels, your spirit guides and your guardian angels are with you always and they want to see you grow and succeed. I love what I do and am grateful that I have the ability to do my work.
Have you experienced your breakthrough yet?
Namaste, blessings, love and light, Sheri Baldwin, RT
many blessings to you also.Namaste
Sheri Baldwin
And to you Tanya
Glenda Andrew
Thank you! <3
Sheri Baldwin
You're welcome Glenda
paula muscat
That is definately a good message to live by, thanx for sharing Sheri , many blessings, love, peace and happiness to you always :)
Sheri Baldwin
And to you Paula. <3
Jan Deelstra
This is a wonderful blog post that I have now shared with half the planet.... Thank you for this heartwarming reminder.
Sheri Baldwin
Thank you Jan. Life can be wonderful and blessed if you allow it to. :angel:
Miss Lisa Morris
Great Blog ~Thank you for being you Sheri Baldwin ~ You are a gift & a blessing ~ Namaste~*
Sheri Baldwin
Thank you Lisa. Appreciate the kind words
Len Berghoef
Very beautiful Sheri thank you for sharing!
Sheri Baldwin
Thank you Len. Have a wonderful day.
Gayvenda Kessler
I start out each day with a gratitude list...I was touched by your wisdom...Happy Holidays!
Maja Zwicky-Saudhi
The world awakes, becomes more conscious and many try their hands for the first time with books about self-help, spirituality, meditation etc. In this maddening rush-hour world their souls look for balance, serenity, peace and oneness. And they all will find it one day, when their heart and souls ar...View More
Sheri Baldwin
Thank you Maja and Gayvenda. Blessings always.
Willie J Henderson
I am grateful for your loving kind and giving spirit. Your spirit and sharing touches many.
Sheri Baldwin
Thank you Willie.
Sheri Baldwin
Thank you Willie.
Sheri Baldwin
Blessings to you to Kerri.
Sheri Baldwin
Blessings to you to Kerri.