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I decided to write this blog in part because of a poll that was posted by Anthony Perciado on Jan. 23rd that has received a lot of interest and comments by many here... It is still being talked about and I recommend checking it out at: http://spiritualnetworks.com/poll/868/what-is-your... I would like to thank Anthony and everyone who has commented for bringing attention to this topic.
I think that the decision to vaccinate our children has never been a more difficult one for parents to make and there has been a great deal of attention given to this topic in recent years, in addition to the possible link to Autism, and it can all be incredibly confusing. More than anything I feel that it's important to state that if you have a physician that does not appreciate you asking questions or has a problem if you choose to take a different route - rather that be to space out vaccinations, not have certain ones administered to your child, or not to vaccinate at all - I would seriously consider seeking out a new health care provider. This is a very personal decision and it is important that your choices are respected regardless of their opinion.
I may write more on this and related topics in future blogs, but for now I just wanted to share a few links that may be helpful and/or informative to those interested in learning more. One is a link to a news story that I saw recently regarding Autism that doesn't directly have to do with vaccinations per say, but spotlighted new findings on the ability to detect Autism in the brain very early. Two are links to interviews with Jenny McCarthy (along with now ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey) who has been the voice of the "Green Our Vaccines" campaign.
There is still a lot of debate surrounding the causes/triggers for Autism, including hereditary factors... I welcome others to share links and continue to post comments on these topics. I love the opportunity to enlighten one another while also respecting each other's individual opinions and experiences :) I truly hope that research will help us to understand more soon... Blessings to all!
ABC News Story with Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey about "Green Our Vaccines"
Larry King Live with Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey Part 1 Good info, experts, debate; continue to watch the other parts if interested...
NBC Nightly News Story - Brain Scans Show Signs of Autism
Also check out http://www.vaccinationeducation.com and http://www.safeminds.org for good information.
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Andrew McDonald
Thanks Juliette,I will definitely check out the links you provided as we have decided against vaccination for our Daughter(now 2 years) until we really feel there is a pressing need and a total re-evaluation of the whole process, especially the ingredients(namely Thimerosal) .Basically we have very ...View More
Luna Nebulosa
My children are grown but I will have grandchildren to be concerned for. My one daughter read up on all the pros vs cons of the different vaccinations and chose to only have some done. It is good that you are bringing this to peoples attention. There are recent stories of teenagers dieing shortly af...View More