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Chapter III
“Life can be defined as The Ever Present Awareness of Things That Exist.”
When you are born, an awakening occurs throughout the whole universe. This same awakening occurs when you die. This is a belief I have, that may or not be true. Again, remember my beliefs are just that. I also believe that if you meditate or let yourself, you can experience in real world time what it felt like to be born, and grow. As I let myself, I feel now the warmth of a blanket, my tininess, moisture, movement, and love coming from somewhere else. As time after birth continued I began to feel and even the entities that we giving me attention. There was love, attention, anger and fear. And so it was, and so it continues, and so it is. Our world has too much fear, and anger and not enough attention and love, and even a lot of the love we think we have is combined with fear based dependency, and manipulation.
Throughout the ages, we have let ourselves be manipulated by the lesser emotions. Is there a place for fear and anger? Yes, but not the kind we have created. Animals have a fear and aggressive responses, yet it is not trapped in their minds. It is a part of their evolved lives, and for continuation of species. We also have these DNA and conditioned driven realities. Relying on these realities too much is what has and continues to cause this planet to spiral downward toward destruction.
Just for a moment think about how you feel when you witness someone brutalizing another human being. Do you feel anger, fear, and helplessness or maybe a desire to see the person punished for inflicting their horror upon another.
At times, I myself have felt all of those things. All of those things are the opposite of what will cause healing.
I believe that the bigger problem is not those who inflict these atrocities, but those of us who do nothing to alleviate them.
It still amazes me how we can, as species not only cause such pain outwardly upon each other. I am at times equally if not more appalled by we who stand idly by and do not attempt to give whatever we can to make changes to the brutalities that exist. How often do we pray for each other? How often do we volunteer to help? How often do we seriously just practice being Present with Awareness and Loving Intention.
Does this mean we should run outside and give up all of our possessions and go, to a third world country to give whatever we can? Not necessarily. It does mean, however, that we need to be more actively aware of what spirit wants us to do in order to give back on a moment-to-moment basis. If we are more and more living a life of awareness, then peace, love and joy will resonate among us no matter what the environmental situation is.
More and more of us are evolving away from the conditioned responses and more into the more natural state, which makes it even more possible to use our minds bodies and spirits to heal ourselves and the world.
Moreover, here we are in 2011, ready and willing to experience a deeper evolution toward a more natural state, yet too many of us continue to be too afraid to drop our guards enough to break through; whether we do this consciously or unconsciously.
How can we break through? By concentrated Present Moment Awareness with Loving intention.
I see too often those who believe they are experiencing a truer healing because of what their gurus have taught them, or because of what they have read, or even the more subtle deception of how some of us believe we are going in this wonderful direction, yet those who are a little more discerning see that you are not. A more collectively spiritual group will be able to clearly see the deceptions as well as the truths. The product of these groups will be the truer Healing, and more significant manifestations will occur, on a more regular basis.
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Larry Vorwerk
Thanks for your thoughts on this subject. I do believe there are many in todays world that are doing something about the negative things people do. Please check out my book on my website listed in my profile info page. It might give you some insights into this opportunity to create a new world. Nama...View More
Leon Hodge
Yes check out Larrys book and website, I reccomend the radio show free, very uplifting. Larry is doing something about it on a day to day basis.
Thank you so much for the comments of my blog.
I will definetly look into your programs.
If you wish I can also send you copies of the complete manuscript titled Life and Death, with the subtitle, We are All That.
You can also check out my other blogs on this site. and wrtings on the net. We also have ...View More
Thank yuo so much for the comments of my blog.
I will definenly look into your programs.
If you wish I can also send you copies of the complete manuscript titled Life and Death, with the subtitle, W
Larry Vorwerk
Hi Ron, Sure send me the whole manuscript. Check out some of my own blogs on SN. It will give you a better idea of my view and approach to life and reality. Blessings. I'll check out your other blogs.
Leon Hodge
I am also very interested in your manuscript, Larry has been very patient in my promoting his book on my blog www.thinkdeepmedia.com, in a nutshell I am re building it. I love his book The Bartholomew effect as it cements ones life as a spiritual person, if he lived nearby I would be a free loa...View More