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Theresa May head of the Conservative party, will continue as Prime Minister of England after the general election held in June 2017.
Marie Le Pen will get through the first round in France’s election, but Emmanuel Macron favored to be the next President of France.
Prince Harry to announce his engagement to Meghan Markle very shortly.
China will be able to diffuse North Korea crisis by keeping up economic sanctions again North Korea. Meanwhile Trump will offer North Korea economic aid if they back down and stops nuclear testing. He will also offer South Korea the Defense Missile it was promised but not delivered by the Obama government.
Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State on the move towards a transition government in Syria, and he hopes Russia will support this move. If the Russians back down America will go it alone and eventually Assad will be removed from power. Meanwhile US military, along side Assad’s forces, will continue to bomb ISIS and when ISIS is defeated that Assad’s government will be dealt with.. US diplomacy alongside US allies could work allowing a peaceful transition to take place, or Assad could be taken out, forced to resign, or seek asylum in another country.
Failed ballistic missiles launched by North Korea may possibly still be disrupted by cyber attacks done as part of US military strategy which would leave no trace. Trump is hoping that China will rein in North Korea if not covert action to take place infiltrating US and South Korean special forces into North Korea to take out key infrastructure, i.e. blocking the movement of mobile missiles and blowing up key government structures. This will only take place if US is forced to take military action.
Meanwhile US naval forces stand ready to take action near Korean Peninsula together with Japanese Warships joining US Carrier Strike Group off the Korean Peninsula. China will keep its troops on the Chinese/North Korea border. If North Korea makes another provocative move, China may be willing to restrict oil imports into the country. If North Korea does not take heed, Chinese forces would also be in a position to force a coup or force Kim’s hand. Ultimately, China, North Korea’s biggest backer, would attempt to make sure North Korea still exists and serves Chinese interests while it stops acting as a threat to the U.S.A.
If Chinese cannot rein in North Korea and it comes to stopping Kim Jong-un, USA will bomb North Korea with non-nuclear Moab bombs so powerful that there is no chance North Korea can respond. The USA is 100% ready to protect Japan and South Korea.
All Gulf States in Saudi Arabia comfortable with President Trump who will be more focused on allies in Middle East, but the government will continue to supply Saudi Arabia with air/ground missile
Melenchon running for the French Presidency aims to take France out of Nato and overhaul EU, his chances are good, yet Emmanuel Macron will win the Presidency.
Anonymous hackers poised to execute cyber attacks against Israel.
Blue Origin an Amazon aerospace firm will conduct its first crewed test flight to suborbital space.
Danger of terrorist attack in Turkey.
Unexpected passing of a World Leader.
Spain to become new tourist favorite due to redirected tourism from Middle East and Western Europe.
Brazil will emerge from deep recessions and have modest growth.
US investors will find it easier to buy Chinese stocks if ‘green lit,’ by Securities and Exchange Comm. agree to let Chinese and USA
investors purchase the Chinese Exchange.
UK needs to be vigilant about further terrorists attacks from Islamist groups especially in second half of 2017.
India’s economy hit an all time high.
Expect revisions in a program that gives visa preferences to foreign investors.
Trump government proposes revised overtime rules for US workers benefiting retail, leisure and hospitality.
Hezbollah may attack Israel in 2017.
Military coup in Venezuela causing economic collapse but would benefit world oil prices.
US Congress halt several pro-labor actions by the NLRB –these actions overturned later in 2017 after Republicans control of the NLRB.
President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China form closer ties, China coming to new agreement with trade deals, and greater co-operation with USA.
Scott Gottlieb confirmed as the next Commissioner of FDA by President Trump.
Ebrahim Raeisi will give President Hassan Rouhani a run for his re-election in Iran with surprising results.
Samsung Galaxy S9 could be released at end of 2017.
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