April 19, 2017 by
Hello fellow humans,
So lately I have been struggling to get a job and money is becoming a problem, same story different person...I have been out of a job for the past 2 months. I have applied at many places, gone to two career seminars, gotten help at the Colorado Workforce Center and gone online for local jobs. Let me just start of by saying that I have been trying to get a job just for the time being but it may be a good time to start something of my own.
It's fair to say that I am being a little picky, but its only because I have the luxury to do so right now. I have few bills and responsibilities. All of which I can manage right now, without a job. The problem arises when considering that this next month I will be traveling outside of the country for 14 days for school and later in August I have a family vacation planned, which will also be two weeks long. I live in a area that has few job opportunities that fit what I want/is flexible or even something that is in my career of choice, Alternative healing. I need more flexibility in my schedule so I can continue my career/education path while also including some social time. The weekends are the only times I can spend with my family and I also want to use them for online school. I don't mind working most weekends, I just want one or two off so I can see my family and work on my school while also taking time to travel. If I don't allow myself to have this flexibility, I have to force things in my life to fit which leads to unhappiness and because I have the freedom right now to create my life, I want to take advantage of this creative opportunity in front of me. I know it sounds like I am being lazy, but thats not true, I want to work and make money. I am a healthy, young and productive person who wants to be a part of the community. I just want to live a life I can be proud of and be happy in. I don't mind make sacrifices, like working some weekends or holidays, as long as I feel like I have some flexibility. I don't want to be stuck somewhere that I eventually hate when I end up getting more responsibilities.
I have been considering, however, making my own job. With my ability to make: males, rosaries, art, soap, healing teas and many other things, I believe that I can find a way to sell stuff on Esty or online or even around where I live. It would allow me to create my own schedule and work where I want, when I want. But I need advice on how to start. It may start off slow but that's ok for now because I have the luxury to do so. It would be a good start for me in my career and if the time comes where I need more money and it isn't working I will get a job regardless of my requests. I will make it work until I find a better opportunity.
It seems stupid and crazy but that's how good ideas are made right? Any and all advice on where to start, what I should do, and what you guys think, would be awesome. Please be nice, even if you think that I should just get a fricken job and stop wining, which I half agree with. I know I'm being a young and crazy dreamer but I believe I can do this. Who knows, maybe this can be my future career...
Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best,
jb :)