January 12, 2017 by
There are so many different types of yoga, I just ordered my bellbottom pants, which are pale blue with pale pink spots and pale blue lace. I've been to some types of yogas and the best kind is in the evening, with dim lights and only 4-7 participants.
There are so many things you can focus on yoga, some focus on the breathing, some on the different poses or asanas. There are different types of yogas, the tempo varietes from aerobic-style yoga for sporty girls, to one-day sauna yoga that leaves you empty, to very talented and self-ristict yoga that is for acrobats, some use it for excercise, so to balance the mind. I believe I don't need to go to a school. I can yoga by myself at my apartment if I choose to.
If I practise yoga, it means I want to silence my mind, to stretch and enjoy solitude.
It's funny, doesn't matter what faces I see, I still sense the same energies, so how can I live with the same spirits haunting me.