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Spiritual Networks was founded on June 10, 2010. Our community has quadrupled in the past 12 months and will double again this year. In an effort to help you keep pace will this astronomical growth we offer the following list of tips and tricks. Please read them at your leisure and kindly share your thoughts.
1. Profile Picture. You must load a profile picture in order to maintain an active status within our community. It can be an image of yourself or favorite avatar. Everything you need to set up your Account can be found in upper right corner of the home page.
2. Home Page. The home page is easily accessible by clicking the SPIRITUAL NETWORKS logo in the upper left hand corner. All your menu options are housed inside the top header and we make it very easy to add content from the center of your feed.
3. Open Forum. SN is an open forum community so you can comment on ANYTHING and must be friends to email or interact with someone. This cuts way down on spam while saving you an enormous amount of time and energy.
4. Family Friendly. Spiritual Networks is a family friendly site so sexually explicit material, violence, drugs and guns are not permitted. Inappropriate content and those who violate terms can be removed without warning. Keep it rated PG-13 and you should be fine.
5. Shoutbox. Shoutbox is a real-time chat open to ALL. Located on the right hand side of home page it's a great place to make new friends and keep up with the breaking news alerts. Daily Intent is held every day @ 5 PM EDT so please be sure to check it out.
6. Meet New People. Right above Shoutbox is "Meet New People" which allows you to add 100s of friends in minutes. Unlike most social networks, there are no limits so please feel free to connect with as many folks as you want.
7. SORT Button. Top center of your home feed is a SORT button that enables you to choose from MOST RECENT or TOP STORIES which is our current default setting. You'll notice our most active members get plenty of action so just get involved.
8. INTERACT. Super popular INTERACT module is located on the right hand side of your friend's profile. Poke, kiss, hug, thank and bless them whenever you like. Retrieve your interaction messages right below the Shoutbox.
9. Notifications. You can turn off all your notifications except for polls and tags inside Account/Privacy/Notifications. This gives you the power to stop offsite email alerts and still make sure to get your onsite notifications in the top header above.
10. Emoticons. These tiny little bundles of joy are found inside your MAIL box by clicking the yellow smiley face. Copy/paste codes into comments and please remember to keep all things in moderation with 5 EMOTICONS MAX PER POST.
11. Privacy Policy. Spiritual Networks gives you an abundance of private account settings designed to keep you safe and secure. Contrary to what you see on the major sites we will never sell, share or trade your personal information for profit.
12. FUN! Spiritual Networks is the world's largest spiritual network. We invite you to join 1000s of beautiful souls who have peace in their heart and love in their soul. Please make yourself to home and always remember to have some FUN!
Big hugs,
SN <3
P.S. Get started by saying HELLO on the Home page! :hello:
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Thank you, I think this site will be awesome
Hello .good morning from the UK .its cold here at the moment .cannot wait for summer to be here .
Ariana Moran
Hello Hare Krishna everyone
Hello every great soul here!!!!
Tammy G
Hello everyone.
BeckySue Piatt
Hello everyone. Looking forward to getting to know others from all walks of life, learning all I can and sharing the little I know.
Helle everybody ,I am new here and the reason is because I need to get grounded . I have a feeling I am at the right place :)
Hello all the good souls. I am excited to join this group.
Ascending LotusߌѰߒ
Hello everyone. Ive been looking for like minded people to converse with that are awakening everyday like i am and that can encourage my journey to enlightenment. Glad to be here. Namaste..
I somehow buried you guys in my bookmark manager page. Good that I found you again. Is everyone active on this site? I have much to discuss but I don't see many names. Am I missing something?
Hi folks, thought I had got redirected to facebook at first, but this is better :)
Namaste . . . I'm not very good with Blogs, but wanted to reach out so see if there were any healers out there who would like to share their unique insights and experiences. I have been working with The Shambhalla Masters and The Order of the Emerald Star on a healing process from the 11th Dimensio...View More
Lee Duffield
Hello my wonderful connections
Love to you all, Healing sent out in Love and light.
Hello & Good Morning. Anyone out here from Montana?
Hello Sheri Lynn Whipp wellcome to spiritual Network be bless
Hello Jewel Spaulding enjoy a beautiful day
kavita advani
Hello all
Hello there, looking forward to connect with like minded people here :)
Hello everyone! Hugs whoever needs one :))
this site it's great for spiritual growth .. thanks for giving us the chance to get in touch with lovely people !