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Are you tired of starting things and not finishing them, and then realizing that another year had passed and you’re still facing the same old challenges?
As a psychologist, I often work with women who feel low in mood, anxious and disempowered in their daily lives. And it doesn’t take much digging to figure out that they feel that way because…
1. they don’t know their life purpose, or
2. they do know their life purpose but they don’t know how to consistently act in alignment with it.
So many women drift through life wondering where time disappears to and why their lives feel so meaningless.
Perhaps you too wonder what happened to 2013. Perhaps, like so many others, you’re making a mammoth effort to keep it all together when life often feels more than a little out of control. Deep down, you may feel like you’re not good enough, or not accomplishing enough. Maybe you’re comparing yourself to others and feeling that you just don’t measure up...
I KNOW how that feels. I know I accomplished a lot last year, but I had many disappointments too. And isn’t it strange how our failures tend to outweigh our accomplishments by a mile?
To help myself get clear on my intentions and the actions I had to take to stay on track, I developed my first Year Planner a couple of years ago. Initially I only shared it in the Soulwoman community, but after receiving love note after love note about how much it helped others, I knew I had to make it available on a broader scale.
The Soulwoman Year Planner is for you if you have a desire to journey through 2014 with clarity of purpose and the means to remain true to your intentions. It will help you process what happened last year in a way that’s meaningful to you, and navigate your way towards success with elegance and ease.
So here’s my invitation to you…
Give yourself a blank canvas to re-imagine it all.
The single most important thing you can do to create a spectacular year is to PLAN it. There’s a time for spontaneity and fluidity, but it’s impossible to live with purpose if you don’t have a plan.
Here are a few ideas to get started:
1. Reflect on the past year to consolidate the life lessons you’ve learned;
2. Finish all unfinished business.
3. Get clear about your dreams, intentions and goals for 2014.
4. Break your goals down into actionable items or task.
5. Transfer all your tasks into a Year Planner.
6. Use failure and disappointments as valuable feedback.
7. Keep refining your vision.
8. Celebrate your successes.
Don’t wait until you feel ‘ready’ to do this work. Don’t wait until you have more time. You will never have the time until you make the time.
All you have to bring to the table is your WILLINGNESS to give it a go. And if you need guidance, support, and playsheets to guide you every step of the way, consider investing in the Soulwoman Year Planner for 2014, where you’ll find everything you need to let go of 2013 with pizzazz, and plan a fabulous New Year.
The Year Planner has a downloadable monthly calendar, goals with soul sheets, weekly action sheets, spending sheets, gratitude lists, monthly challenge sheets, a-ha lists, and progress sheets to assist you from week to week, and month to month in 2014. You’ll find motivation and inspiration, as well as a Health blueprint, an Abundance blueprint, and a Happiness blueprint to help you live a vibrant, joyful and SOUL-Full life.
Don’t hesitate… Dream big. No, even BIGGER… and then remind yourself that the Universe rewards action.
You’ve got this!
Preview the 2014 Soulwoman Year Planner here: http://payhip.com/b/UW3P
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Are you ready for an awesome 2014? Dr. Mia Rose has made an exclusive offer to the Ladies of SN that we think you'll find very interesting. If you want a life full of Passion and Purpose please follow the link above to get your copy of the 2014 Soulwoman Year Planner <3 http://payhip.com/b/UW3P
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[x=111746]Anna[/x] I have known Mia for many years. In fact, she was here in the very beginning when we started JasonsNetwork.com on 7.7.07 which later became SN on 6.10.10. Mia is a true "soulwoman" and I highly recommend you get to know her. Much love, Jason :kisses:
Penel j Smith
I meditate daily. It brings me joy. My new kitten brings me laughter.
Mia Rose
So glad those words resonate with you, Anna. Sending you many blessings. :)
Mia Rose
Jason, a warm hug is floating your way. Thank you SO much. It's always been a privilege and honor to be a part of SN.
Mia Rose
Penel, it's good to know the things that bring you joy - and do more of it. Warmest wishes to you.
Hi I saw the item about the planner how do you get it and thank for thinking of us all here in our little family
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[x=3064]catherine[/x] just follow this link to preview the 2014 Soulwoman Year Planner here: http://payhip.com/b/UW3P
Dianna Maddalena
Hi Mia have just paid via paypal and I am getting an error message on the download saying "internet Server Error" I really like your calendar and was hoping I could started straight away.. cheers Dianna
Mia Rose
Hi Dianna, I'm sorry you're having trouble to download the Planner. It may be because it's such a big file and sometimes takes a while to load. I can't send you a private message at the moment since we're not friends yet. I've just sent you a friend request and if you accept, I'll send you a message...View More
I love the planner. Will of course buy it:)
Dianna Maddalena
thanks Mia all good now. :-)
Mia Rose
No worries, Dianna. :)
Mia Rose
I'm sure it will serve you well, Janne! xo
I love this idea - in my experience we first have to clean the canvaas of "past" to be able to start with a blank one - and we have to do this with every aspect of our lives - yes we have to wrok but it is so well worth4