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Today, March 16th, is the Anniversary of "LOVE....everywhere."
Finding images of hearts everywhere, all over, in every way, originated through the recognition & healing of my own heart. They started showing up everywhere, all over the world, in every form, every color, every day. I've always asked for love; personal, universal, divine love.

"All the geometric forms in the Universal Language of Light contain the expression of the God Force. These symbols come in many forms - spheres, triangles, dodecahedrons, hearts, spirals, cubes, rectangles, parallel lines, stars, other geometric & artistic forms. The Masters use artifacts from the Seventh Dimension coded with vibrational frequencies that tell a story in picture form. Each symbol reveals to the Soul a piece of the puzzle needed for it to complete its work on Earth." Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune, "The LIght Shall Set You Free"

For Me, it is Hearts. Finding hearts leads my Being, sanctity. These pictures act as a compass to where I am lead. Lead to a place of magic, understanding and appreciation, a place of love.
My thoughts stay impeccably settled on love, all I see is love, I am lead with love and this always brings magic.

Sanctity - (def) holy, sacred quality or state of being; the principle of protection regarding aspects of sentient life which are said to be holy, sacred or otherwise of such value as to not be violated; a pure & natural concept.
A sacred heart is to take the physical & utilize it to represent divine love for humanity. Sacred is to be devoted exclusively to one service - love.
When I find hearts, I find it as a service. Many times, these hearts have a vibrational quality. I find "LOVE....everywhere" to be sacred.

On March 16th, 2012, my son called me from college & suggested I start a Facebook page with the photos I've found of hearts. I had 1000's found all over the world for years so we began "LOVE....everywhere."

Become an Ambassador of Love. Share your photos,

As a company, "LOVE....everywhere" is working on an exciting website to get everyone involved in contributing to a movement that speaks. Watch along the way to what speaks, adds meaning & offers a sacred window to the center of your Being.
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